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Oberg Survives Jump and Weekend Eagle River, WI (July 18, 2007) - Mike Oberg, and his ...

Oberg Survives Jump and Weekend

Eagle River, WI (July 18, 2007) - Mike Oberg, and his #80 AMSOIL Kumho Tire Chevy Silverado, came to Bark River leading the WSORR PRO-2WD Points Championship. The team knew the next five rounds of racing at Bark River (two rounds July 14-15, and three rounds Aug. 11-12) could make or break any of the top race teams.

Friday afternoon, practice went well for Oberg Motorsports, as Mike ran the second fastest lap in the division.

Saturday - Round 5

The start had Mike come out of Turn One in third place, just behind #99 Probst and #8 Taylor. At the end of lap one, Mike had made his way to second, with his sights set on Probst. The "infamous" Hill Jump came up and almost ended the weekend for the #80 AMSOIL Super Team driver. On lap two, Mike charged over the Hill, as his Kumho Tires really hooked up, the truck leaped nearly 200 feet, and landed rear bumper first. Somehow, Mike kept the truck going, but the hard landing had knocked the wind out of him. A few laps later, Mike got his breath back, but was now racing at a much slower pace.

At the finish, Mike Oberg took the checkered flag in sixth place.

Afterwards, Mike needed assistance from his team, to exit his race truck. Immediately, the Eagle River, Wisconsin driver headed for the hospital in Escanaba. After a few hours of tests, the physicians determined that Mike probably had some internal bruises.

Back at the track, Mike would wait until Sunday morning to determine if he was fit enough to race Round 6.

Sunday morning Mike Oberg spent a few minutes with BUMPRACER.COM, talking about Saturday's events.

With everything you went through yesterday, how are you feeling? They did a CAT scan yesterday, and determined that everything was ok. A little internal bruising, but physically, I'm fine. I'm a little bull headed about going to the doctor, but I'm glad we did.

The question on everyone's mind, are you going to run today?

"I'm feeling somewhat stiff right now, but I'll get in the truck and race this afternoon. Scott Douglas will be in the hot pits, ready to sub for me, if things don't feel right.

After yesterday's wild ride, are their any issues with the truck?

No, not really. We just had to replace the rear bumper, and fiddle with the radios, making sure they are working. Even after that jump, the truck was running and handling fine.

Sunday - Round 6

The start saw Renezeder, Probst, Taylor, and Mike Oberg in a dead heat, heading into Turn One. The truck on the inside drifted out, causing everyone else to go wide around the first corner.

Unfortunately, there wasn't anywhere for the #80 AMSOIL Kumho Tire Chevy to go. The truck scraped the outside concrete wall fairly hard, as the pack entered the turn. Somehow, Mike gathered up the truck and kept pace with the group.

The top 4 trucks ran the entire ten lap race, without passing each others starting position. The finish order for Round 6 was: 1st-Renezeder, 2nd-Probst, 3rd-Taylor, and 4th-Mike Oberg.

"At the start, Renezeder drifted wide, pushing everybody towards the outside. Probst backed off, but I was stuck with Taylor, and hit the wall pretty hard," stated Mike Oberg. "Everybody was shoved to the outside. That was the race."

After six rounds of racing, Mike Oberg is in second place in the WSORR PRO-2WD standings, just six points from the lead.

Next Race - August 11-12, Island Casino/Boss Snow Plow Off-Road Challenge II, Bark River, MI

-credit: Oberg Motorsports

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