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Federico, O'Donnell, & Zoetmulder Get Back On Track Lake Zurich, IL (August 15, 2007) - Sticker Dude Motorsports saw the return of Lee O'Donnell and his ...

Federico, O'Donnell, & Zoetmulder Get Back On Track

Lake Zurich, IL (August 15, 2007) - Sticker Dude Motorsports saw the return of Lee O'Donnell and his #23 PRO-Light Nissan Frontier to WSORR competition. Along with Luke Zoetmulder (Super Buggy) and Steven Federico (PRO-Light), the team was ready to put their Hankook Tires shod racers in the lead pack.

Luke Zoetmulder - Super Buggy #942

During the Friday afternoon practice session, Luke had Lee O'Donnell run a few laps in the Toyota powered Super Buggy, to get some additional feedback on the chassis setup. After the run, the team was confident that the #942 Sticker Dude Designs, Invisible Glass Hankook Tires Toyota powered Super Buggy, had a pretty good shock package in place for the highly technical natural terrain venue.

Saturday - Round VII

The WSORR officials lined up the eighteen driver Super Buggy field in two rows, with Luke positioned in the first row. This highly competitive field had all but two drivers on the lead lap, when the checkered flag fell. Luke finished the nine lap affair in fourteenth place.

Sunday - Round VIII

The start was setup the same as Saturday. This time Luke battled the front group of racers, for the entire race. The competition saw Luke's ability, and his Super Buggy's performance, really come together. At the finish, Luke Zoetmulder came home with a hard fought sixth place.

Afterwards, Luke talked with BUMPRACER.COM about his weekend. You had a great run today. Can you talk about what made the difference? "Actually, I went out and watched the Single Buggy today and realized how bad my line choices have been at this track. Between trying a different line around the track, adding some rebound to the shock package, a tire pressure increase, and a new groove package for the front tires, we were able to bring home a solid performance."

Steven Federico - PRO-Light

The Friday practice session saw Steven Federico and his #24 Invisible Glass P.F. Chang's Sticker Dude Hankook Tires Toyota Tacoma, run the quickest time in his class. This brought a smile to Steven and crew chief A.J. S'atenstein.

Friday - Round VII

The start saw Steven fight his way into third place by the end of the first lap. About midway through the ten lap race, the field shuffled itself around. Suddenly, #24 Toyota was in a battle for position with #1 Kincaid. On the final lap, with only a couple of turns to the finish, Kincaid made a pass stick, giving Steven fourth place at the finish.

Saturday - Round VIII

The start saw Steven put all that Goodwin Performance horsepower to the Hankook Tires, and he shot into the lead coming out of Armed Forces Turn One. Later on in the opening lap, fellow Toyota driver #1 Kincaid, cleanly passed the #24 for the lead. Halfway through the race, #9 Hord was challenging Steven for position. On lap seven, as Steven was driving over the triple jump, Hord touched Steven's rear tire, getting the #24 sideways, and allowed Hord to push his way into third place. The contact also flattened the rear tire on Steven's Toyota. With the race winding down, Steven brought the wounded Toyota in for a quick tire change. This put Steven down a lap, and resulted in an eleventh place finish.

Sunday - Round IX

The Boss Snow Plows landrush start, saw a tight battle through the first several turns. This put Steven in fifth place at the end of the first lap. During the entire race, Steven stayed on the rear bumper of #77 Vandenhuvel, as the two made their way towards the front of the field. On the last lap, with only two turns to go, Vandenhuvel went wide and spun. Thus, opening the door for Steven. The finishing order was: 1st Kincaid, 2nd Steven Federico, and 3rd Vandenhuvel.

Afterwards, Steven talked with BUMPRACER.COM.

You had a strong weekend of racing. Could you highlight some of it? "After Friday's race, we made some shock adjustments that really made a difference. Saturday, we were running strong when Chad gave me a tap and got me sideways. It flattened my tire and ended my chances for a podium finish. WSORR reviewed the contact, but didn't give him a black flag, instead they gave out a two point penalty.

Today, we grabbed the holeshot, but got into the wet coming out of the second turn, and a bunch of guys got by me. I think it put me back to seventh place. I really had to battle that first lap. Then Vandenhuvel and I were battling for six or seven laps. There were probably four or five times I could have given him a little tap to get by, but I don't race like that. I thought if I put enough pressure on him, he'd make a mistake, and he did. Just two corners from the finish line."

Lee O'Donnell - PRO-Light #23

Friday - Round VII

Lee O'Donnell and his #23 Invisible Glass Sticker Dude Designs P.F. Chang's Hankook Tires Nissan Frontier was back racing for the first time, since the June FCP Brush Run in Crandon. After installing a brand new Nissan powerplant earlier this week, Lee was anxious to compete.

Unfortunately, Lee was only able to complete two laps of racing on Friday. The truck fell victim to driveshaft failure. That night, his crew chief Jon Stroud, quickly had the team replace the shaft and then triple check the truck for anything else.

Saturday - Round VIII

Missing two rounds of racing has put Lee in the back row of the fifteen truck field. The race saw the #23 avoid any serious mishaps, as he worked his way through the field. At the conclusion of the ten lap race, Lee crossed the finish in fourth place.

Sunday - Round IX

Once again, the start had Lee lined up in the second row. The short run to the first corner made it difficult to come out of the turn, without some serious door banging. After Lee maneuvered his #23 Nissan Frontier cleanly through the first few turns, he began to concentrate on the competition ahead. Somehow, a rock knocked his window net down, requiring a quick pit stop, to get it back in place. The crew made the repair, without losing a lap.

Lee put the Hankook tires to work, as he gradually worked his way through most of the fifteen truck field. At the finish, Lee crossed the line in sixth place.

BUMPRACER.COM interview with Lee O'Donnell.

"Friday's DNF was my fault. I installed the transmission the other day, and forgot to safety wire one of the driveshaft bolts, and it came back to bite us. Our results yesterday and today, have a lot to do with the guys at Race Fab that prep my truck between races. I just get in and drive. The Hankook Tires are awesome, the Nissan engine has all kinds of power, and the chassis setup Race Fab puts in for each track, is right on the money. Big Jon, my crew chief, is just great at the track. He doesn't miss a thing. Too bad I couldn't get up to Steven this weekend, and put some pressure on him. Tonight, the truck goes to Race Fab, as Case Gunderson preps it for Crandon."

Next Race: August 30 - September 2, BorgWarner Championships-Crandon, Wisconsin

-credit: sdm

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