WSORR: Bark River II: Sticker Dude Motorsports weekend summary

Sticker Dude and Hankook Challenge for PRO-Light Championship Lake Zurich, IL (August 13, 2008) - The Sticker Dude Motorsports team has really been making some noise in the World Series of Off-Road Racing. Lee O'Donnell and Steven Federico ...

Sticker Dude and Hankook Challenge for PRO-Light Championship

Lake Zurich, IL (August 13, 2008) - The Sticker Dude Motorsports team has really been making some noise in the World Series of Off-Road Racing. Lee O'Donnell and Steven Federico finished together on the podium, both nights in Oshkosh, and were hoping for more of the same in Bark River. Luke Zoetmulder was looking to build on his solid runs, and to continue his move up the Super Buggy championship standings.

The impressive number of podium finishes from Sticker Dude Motorsports is also paving the way for a possible PRO-Light Tire Manufacturer Championship for Hankook Tire.

Saturday Round Nine

The land rush start saw Steven Federico, in the #24 Invisible Glass P.F. Changs Hankook Tire Toyota Tacoma, grab the early lead, with teammate Lee O'Donnell in his #23 Hankook Tire Invisible Glass P.F. Changs Toyota Tacoma back in sixth place.

By the fifth lap, points leader, #4 Kincaid moved into the lead, as he and Steven raced through the rhythm section. The top two points leaders distanced themselves from the rest of the field and finished first and second, respectively.

Meanwhile, Lee put his Hankook Tires to work. Gradually, Lee cleanly got around fellow veteran competitors, Josh Hintz and Randy Eller. At the finish, Lee completed the race with a third place finish.

"My team is awesome," noted Steven Federico. "Chris and AJ found a head gasket leak and we didn't have enough time to change the motor. They came up with a combination that kept the motor together and here we are on the podium."

Lee O'Donnell noted: "I was tentative off the start, but I knew if I raced hard, my Hankooks would give me that edge, like they always have, as the race went on. These DynaPro MT tires just don't loose their grip late in the race, like other tires do. Sticker Dude Motorsports is together on the podium for the third time in a row!"

PRO Super Buggy
Luke Zoetmulder came through the first turn in seventh place right in the thick of the battle. Then about three laps into the event, Luke radioed to the team, his steering wouldn't work all the time. This greatly reduced the #924 Sticker Dude Mole Lake Casino Invisible Glass Toyota powered Super Buggy. In the end, Luke finished in tenth place.

Afterwards, the crew found the steering rack had broken away from its mounting. After a few hours of welding and grinding, the rack was remounted, and the Mole Lake Super Buggy continued getting prepped for Sunday's race.

Sunday Round Ten

Steven's motor held together for Round Nine, and now the crew was hoping for another miracle for the #24 Invisible Glass Toyota. Unfortunately, the leak was gradually getting worse. Chris and AJ resealed the motor, and just hoped they could get another ten laps out of their Goodwin powerplant.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the canopy, Lee and his crew, lead by Shawn and Jon, were performing the usual between race preparations. Everything on the #23 Toyota Tacoma was good to go.

The start had Steven and his #24 Invisible Glass P.F. Changs Hankook Tire Toyota Tacoma coming through the first turn in third place. By the end of the second lap, the #24 Invisible Glass Toyota was in the lead. Then, once again on lap five, #4 Kincaid, caught Steven in the infamous rhythm section and made the pass for the lead.

On the same lap, Steven's engine was beginning to show signs that the end was near. All the water was gone from the motor and overheating was a major problem. On lap six, the #24 Toyota pulled off the track, ending the weekend.

Meanwhile, as Steven's troubles unfolded, Lee O'Donnell had worked his way to third place. The last four laps, the top three racers were spread out and there wasn't much change in position during the last portion of the race. At the finish, it was Jeff Kincaid first, Randy Eller second and Lee O'Donnell third.

Afterwards, Steven Federico commented, "I tried every line through the rhythm section to hold off Jeff. He just kicked my butt... In the big picture, my crew did an awesome job, once again, this weekend. Chris and AJ kept the motor together for Saturday, I really didn't think we would finish, let alone finish in second. Today, we just rolled the dice and came up a little short. Goodwin Performance will go through the motor and have it fresh and fast for the high-speed World Championships and the Pro-Light "Showdown at Sundown," Labor Day weekend in Crandon. Thanks again to Invisible Glass, PF Changs, the awesome Hankook Tires, Toyota, my family and the Sticker Dude; without everyone, we wouldn't be racing."

A smiling Lee O'Donnell added, "Hey, that's four in a row on the podium for our truck. Again, Race Fab does an awesome job getting this ride ready between races, and my crew, at the track; especially Shawn and Jon don't miss a thing on race weekends. I just hope our competition doesn't start using these incredible Hankook Tire DynaPro MT tires. The combination of the tread pattern and the rubber compound make these tires tough to beat."

PRO-Super Buggy
Luke Zoetmulder went out for practice to make sure the steering issues were fixed, and after two laps, he was confident that it would be a better day of racing.

The land rush start had Luke cleanly make through "the horseshoe," in tenth place. As the laps went, Luke was feeling more and more confident with the #924 Sticker Dude Mole Lake Casino Invisible Glass Toyota. As laps wound down, Luke picked up three more spots, to finish seventh, in the eighteen car field.

"Once I was confident the steering was going to stay together, I started hitting my marks and improving my lap times," remarked Luke Zoetmulder. "After all the things that have happened this year, it felt great to go out and have a solid run. Thanks again to Mole Lake Casino for coming on board this past month and thanks for the added help from Probst Motorsports, as well."


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