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Scott Douglas Gets to Podium Twice at WSORR Bark River II El Cajon, CA (August 14, 2007) - Douglas Motorsports traveled to Bark River, Michigan looking to build on to the strong second place finish from Round 6. Over his career, Scott...

Scott Douglas Gets to Podium Twice at WSORR Bark River II

El Cajon, CA (August 14, 2007) - Douglas Motorsports traveled to Bark River, Michigan looking to build on to the strong second place finish from Round 6. Over his career, Scott Douglas has performed well at this fast , yet technical permanent off-road race facility.

Traditionally, the Bark River Lions Club holds a long jump contest for all the weekend's racers. This year, instead, WSORR and the promoters of the event had the PRO competitors race an additional round. Douglas Motorsports looked at the additional round of racing as an opportunity to improve their position in the Championship points standings.

Friday - Round 7

The afternoon practice session saw the average lap speeds of the top four PRO-4x4 competitors, including Scott Douglas, just over 60mph, as the drivers were launching their trucks over 200 feet in the air off the infamous Hill Jump.

The race saw #11 Cenni grab the holeshot, with Scott in his #7 AMSOIL Kumho Tire Precision Gear Ford F-150 right on his bumper. Quickly Scott made the pass for the lead as the two competitors headed for Turn Two. On lap 4, #22 Greaves got inside of Scott going through the Cemetery Turn and grabbed the lead. The rest the race the AMSOIL Kumho Ford pressured Greaves, but couldn't make a clean pass for the lead. At the finish it was Greaves 1st, Scott Douglas 2nd, Drews 3rd.

"Today's race went pretty well, we were just a tick off tonight," commented Scott Douglas. "We will tweak the chassis setup and try a different groove for Saturday. I believe we will have something for the competition tomorrow."

Saturday - Round 8

Scott Douglas and the entire Douglas Motorsports did their homework, as the #7 AMSOIL Kumho Tire Precision Gear Ford F-150 came out of the Armed Forces Turn One in the lead. Scott dominated the PRO-4x4 field, as he crossed the finish line almost eleven seconds ahead of second place, #17 Renezeder. His fastest lap of the round was six-tenths of second quicker than the next competitor.

Comments from Scott Douglas after his second PRO-4x4 win of the year. "We adjusted our shock package and came up with a different groove on the Kumhos and came out on top today. The key was the sipes the tire guys cut into the tires. The sipes improves the tire's traction as they get warmer. When the dry slick conditions show up on the track, the sipes give us better grip. We were able to go double-single on the triple jump that's just after the hill. We really made noticeable time on the competition every lap in that section. The grooving is really a lot of work, but it paid off with a win. The AMSOIL was working great; we're running minimal coolers, small radiators, no problem. The gear from Precision Gear really allowed us to use all the horsepower and torque from our Pro Power engine. I also have to thank Miller Electric for their great welding equipment. Without them the have been several times this year we couldn't have put the truck back together for the following day's round of racing."

Sunday - Round 9

Scott Douglas went out for Sunday morning practice and ran off the quickest lap of the morning. The team was confident of another strong finish.

The start saw the PRO-4x4 field create a huge cloud of dust coming into the first turn. The track wasn't holding the moisture like it had the last two days. The dust made it a real challenge for everyone that was behind the leader. The track conditions made it very difficult to pass. Then with less than two laps to go, with the #7 AMSOIL Kumho Ford running in fourth place, the right front stub axle broke, ending the weekend for Douglas Motorsports.

Afterwards Scott Douglas commented, "The track conditions just deteriorated today. The dust was so bad at times; I'd have to get out of the throttle to make sure where I was at. The stub axle breaking was just one of those rare things that can happen. Taking the win yesterday, and the runner up spot on Friday, still makes for a pretty good weekend of racing. The competition is really close, were constantly tweaking our setup, searching for that extra tenth of second that can make a difference between winning and getting stuck back in the back. The team is looking forward to the BorgWarner weekend in Crandon. Last year we had an incredible weekend, winning both PRO-4x4 rounds and the BorgWarner Shootout. Hopefully, this year, we can have a similar result."

Next Race: August 31-September 2 - BorgWarner Off-Road World Championships - Crandon, WI


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