WSORR: Bark River II: Scott Beauchamp weekend summary

Scott Beauchamp Races for Championship and for Luke Escanaba, MI (August 14, 2008) - Scott Beauchamp and his ...

Scott Beauchamp Races for Championship and for Luke

Escanaba, MI (August 14, 2008) - Scott Beauchamp and his #820 Trail Ready Goodyear Tire Chevy arrived at his home track, Bark River International Raceway, with an eight point lead and looking to put some distance from his closest rivals, including Eric Ruppel, Craig Metz, Al Konitzer, and Mitch Dorr. The weather was perfect and Scott was ready for whatever the weekend would bring.

The Beauchamp Family was also at the track with another mission, beginning with the awareness to Prader-Willi Syndrome, a condition their son Luke was born with. The family set up a booth on the spectator hill to bring attention to the syndrome and raise money for the non-profit association's research into the cure. For more information about Prader-Willi Syndrome see article at the end of the race report.

Saturday - Round Nine

The land rush start saw Scott get caught up in the first corner pileup. Once Scott got headed in the right direction, the front bumper and the grille area of the truck were missing. By the time, the #820 Goodyear Tire Chevy came by the spectator hill for the first time, most of the field had gone by.

Then within two laps Scott noticed the engine temperatures were starting to climb. Regardless, Scott continued on knowing that every championship point was valuable at this point of the season.

Then with three laps to go the #820 Motive Gear Chevy Silverado pulled off the track, to minimize the engine damage, as the engine temperatures were just too high.

"The pileup in the first turn did me in," noted Scott Beauchamp. "I had lost my front bumper and grille from all the contact. Unfortunately I didn't know that. Then when I got going again, my radiator was exposed and immediately filled up with dirt. Eventually we overheated and lost the motor. I've got my backup motor in the trailer, its pretty stout, so we will have something for competition tomorrow."

Sunday - Round X

Overnight Scott and everyone on the Beauchamp crew went to work installing the team's backup engine. When it cam time to line up for the start, #820 Chevy was set to go, minus a few pieces of sheet metal and a vulnerable front bumper.

The start saw Scott take a very wide out side line through the first turn hoping for a clean start to protect his front end. To no avail, the #820 Deaver Spring Bilstein Shock Chevy settled into thirteenth place as the field headed into Bark River's back section. From that point on, Scott cleanly worked his way through much of the field, finally finishing in fourth place, just behind his cousin, Dan.

"What a comeback today," commented Scott Beauchamp. "Congratulations to my cousin, Dan for finishing on the podium. Congrats to Rupe, he had great weekend too. I know we lost the lead in the standings, but it's not over yet. The last two rounds in Crandon will be a real fight to finish.

Thanks to the support of my family and friends that came not just for the racing, but to support Luke and all those with Prader-Willi Syndrome. Hopefully we raised the awareness of the illness and thanks to all those that donated for the cure."

The final weekend of racing in WSORR season is the BorgWarner Off-Road World Championships, August 29-31, in Crandon, Wisconsin.

Don't forget to tune into SPEED TV later this year as the Stock Truck division will be covered on several broadcasts and also on an episode of Lucas Oil "On the Edge."


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