WSORR: Bark River II: Hoek Motorsports weekend summary

Hoek Motorsports Stays in Hunt for Championship Holland, MI (August 13, 2008) - Ross Hoek Motorsports continues to successfully compete in two divisions (Super Truck and PRO-2WD), in the World Series of Off-Road Racing. His Skyjacker...

Hoek Motorsports Stays in Hunt for Championship

Holland, MI (August 13, 2008) - Ross Hoek Motorsports continues to successfully compete in two divisions (Super Truck and PRO-2WD), in the World Series of Off-Road Racing. His Skyjacker Suspensions Raybestos Brakes Goodyear Tire Ford F-150 trucks continued to stay in the championship hunt at the season's second visit to Bark River International Raceway.

Saturday - Round Nine

SRT Super Truck

The land rush start saw Ross get held up by the turn one fracas. Gradually, as the race went on, Ross kept the #210 Skyjacker Ford running competitive lap times, as he passed one racer every two laps. With two laps to go, Ross put the Skyjacker engineered suspension to work and made the pass around #279 Schreiner, to finish on the podium, in third place.

"The start put us way back, but I stayed out of trouble and raced only the truck in front of me," commented Ross Hoek. "The idea worked well for me today. We are gradually getting this truck working better and better."


The bonsai start saw the #21 Skyjacker Suspensions Raybestos Brakes Goodyear Tire, F-150 come through "the horseshoe" in second place right behind Probst.

The first time Ross shifted into high gear, the truck went into neutral. After the first few laps, Ross realized there was no hope of using the top gear in the transmission. During the transmission struggles, a couple of competitors moved around the Skyjacker Raybestos Ford.

By lap five, Ross found himself in a strong battle with #19 Konitzer and #10 Waldvogel. First, the Skyjacker Ford got around Konitzer and then with three laps to go, he made the move around Waldvogel.

With only a few laps to go, Ross did not have enough time to make a serious charge at third place, #77 Vanden Heuvel. At the finish, Ross crossed the line in fourth place.

"I had a terrible time with our transmission today," remarked Ross Hoek. "It just had no third gear. Finally, I stopped using the top gear and concentrated solely on the race. At that point, I started making up ground on the trucks in front of me. We were gaining on the #77, but just didn't have enough time for a serious challenge."

Sunday - Round 10

SRT Super Truck

Overnight the RHM crew went to work making adjustments to the suspension and a steering gear change, looking to move higher up on the podium.

Right from the start, the Skyjacker Ford was mixing it up with #217 Baudoux. After winning that battle, he had current Super Truck points leader, #229 Steele, right on his bumper. Then about halfway through the race, a tire was going flat. This slowed the pace of the Skyjacker Raybestos Ford, allowing Steele to move on past. The flat tire happened from contact during the battle with Baudoux. During the ten lap run, the Skyjacker Raybestos Ford flirted with the final spot on the podium, only to come up just short,

crossing the finish in fourth place with a flat tire.

"We had a solid run with this old gal," noted Ross Hoek. "I just came up a lap short of making a challenge for the final podium spot. All in all, this truck came out of this weekend without any problems."


The crowd really got on their feet when Ross and his #21 Skyjacker Suspension grabbed the holeshot, with #99 Probst trying to run him down. The 2 trucks quickly separated themselves from the rest of the field. Unfortunately for RHM, the Ford versus Chevy battle only lasted 2 and half laps. As the two 800+ horsepower trucks were battling side-by-side, coming out of the cemetery corner, Ross felt something let go in the transmission. This quickly put an end to his weekend.

Afterwards, Ross Hoek commented, "Our PRO-2WD truck really got off the start great. The Goodyear tires just hooked up, as we had the Skyjacker engineered suspension set just right. I thought this would be the day everyone would have to chase me. I just let my excitement get the best of me, as I just flat footed the jump, after the cemetery turn. When the Goodyear tires grabbed the ground the tranny just didn't have a chance. I think we opened some eyes today."

Monday, Ross Hoek Motorsports traveled to the "Big House" for a final round of testing as the team is preparing for the most important race of the year, the BorgWarner Off-Road World Championships in Crandon, Wisconsin.

With only two rounds of racing left in the 2008 World Series of Off-Road Racing season, Ross Hoek in both PRO-2WD and SRT Super Trucks still has a shot at the championship title.

All the divisional titles will be settled at the BorgWarner Off-Road World Championships, August 29-31, in Crandon, Wisconsin.


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