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The #9 E3 Spark Plugs Unlimited Pro 2 team of Kevin Probst heads to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the 5th and 6th rounds in the Geico Powersports Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series this weekend. The team is looking to re-group after the last weekend of racing in Arizona. The team came away from rounds 3&4 in Surprise, AZ. with a bad taste after some bad luck had the team struggling all weekend with issues and contact that never let the team get on a strong footing.

Kevin had some things to say concerning the past weekend. "When you have a weekend like this in racing, it is very difficult to come up with a good press release on the teams activities. We just had a horrible weekend. The truck was fast, but not fast enough. We made changes, some worked, some did not. In this season, the competition has stepped up, and we have also. We built a new truck to better compete in the challenging Lucas Oil Off Road Racing series presented by Geico Powersports. We had great intentions on running each and every race with the leaders, and being, in fact one of them! Our great sponsors, E3 Spark Plugs, and Lucas Oil, as well as Goodyear and all the others listed below on this release, have given me opportunity to race at this high level and I feel that I have let them all down in some respects.

Let me explain!

When a race team takes sponsorship, at whatever level that is, it is with high expectations and the hopes for a season championship. I have raced for 32 seasons in the short course field of off road racing. In those 32 plus seasons, I have 16 class championships and over 225 wins in all the various classes I have competed in. I have gone through the rough seasons and the good ones. The rough ones make you humble and appreciative of the support your sponsors give you, the good ones keep you motivated to continue the addiction. That's right, I said addiction! You see, off road short course racing is that intense and that much fun to the drivers who are lucky enough to participate. This sport is one of the few types of racing that gives you everything you could ask for and takes it all away on the same weekend. Your successes depend on your team and your ability to adapt to everything a particular track, and group of racers you compete with each day, gives you! The most successful racers always find a way. They continue on with the battle taking the good with the bad. All racers face the music at some point. There are those days where you are invincible, and others when you can't do anything right. It is a racers life.

I am fortunate to say that in those 32 plus seasons of racing, there are more good days than bad. You keep digging to find more speed and durability. You continue to watch your videos and the races on TV to learn. I am still learning and I hope I never stop learning about this sport.

I am often taken back by the intensity of this sport. I watch some of the other classes or my own class on video, and think, wow, this is the cool stuff! We sometimes, as drivers, overlook the dynamics of this sport! The fluid motion that makes it all happen. It has violent G-forces, with an ever changing track. It has the feel of speed with the finesse of high horsepower on Ice with no studs. Rounds 3&4 made me feel like a pinball. Starting 14th in round 3 and getting as high as 7th only to have contact put you in the pits with a flat. Round 4 was just a malaise of carnage where I started from the pits instead of in 11th due to an electrical issue. I would gain track position and get taken out and moved back all race long. (It didn't help starting 2 laps down!) I hope this release gives you some indication of the dedication we all have to the sport and our sponsors. We are fortunate, and like I said earlier, we will keep up the fight this weekend."

-source: probst motorsports

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