CORR: Topeka season final races report

MacCachren, Kincaid, and Taylor claim EXXON Superflo titles Topeka, Kan. (October 22, 2000)-Rob MacCachren, Jeff Kincaid and Scott Taylor claimed the Pro-4, Pro-Lite and Pro-2 championships in Tour 2000 of the CORR EXXON Superflo Pro Series. For...

MacCachren, Kincaid, and Taylor claim EXXON Superflo titles

Topeka, Kan. (October 22, 2000)-Rob MacCachren, Jeff Kincaid and Scott Taylor claimed the Pro-4, Pro-Lite and Pro-2 championships in Tour 2000 of the CORR EXXON Superflo Pro Series. For MacCachren and Kincaid, it was the first CORR titles of their career. Taylor re-claimed his Pro-2 crown by holding off Evan Evans.

Rounds 15 through 18 of the EXXON Superflo Pro Series were held at Heartland Park in Topeka, Kansas. The Off-Road course was designed specifically for the Pro Series. The track had straight-aways that increased the drivers' speed, and corners that dared the drivers to take the inside routes.

In the Pro-Lite division, Jeff Kincaid's Forest County Potawatomi Toyota won in Rounds 15 and 17, which helped him solidify his championship. With his two victories, Kincaid surpassed his teammate, Johnny Greaves in the CORR record book with 12 victories in a single season. Prior to Tour 2000, Kincaid had two wins in 32 starts.

"We had an excellent year with this Forest County Potawatomi Toyota," said Kincaid. "We started off the season really good. We've been at it for eleven years, and our time was bound to come sooner or later."

Rick Huseman's Fabtec Ford took the checkered flag in Round 16. Huseman, who started 10 events in Tour 2000, had two victories this season. The Wicked Willies Ford of Jason Crowder took the final victory in Round 18. That was his second of the year.

The only championship that was not claimed prior to Round 18 was Pro-2. The EXXON Superflo Ford of Scott Taylor and the Star Craft Mobility Chevy of Evan Evans were three points apart coming into Round 15, one point following Round 16, and eight points apart going into the final round, with Taylor having the advantage. From Rounds 11 through 16, either Taylor or Evans had claimed victory.

The drivers had to deal with the toughest elements of the year in Rounds 17 and 18. Prior to Round 17, rain caused the track to become very slick and unpredictable. Each driver struggled in Round 17, and Taylor was able to finish second, while Evans placed fifth. Dan Vanden Heuvel won Round 17, his first win in Tour 2000.

The stage was set for Round 18. The battle for the championship would come down to the last round of the season. Taylor wanted to retain his crown, and Evans, who was not sure if he would be racing at the beginning of the season, sought his first Pro-2 championship. Although Evans did not have to win the round to claim the championship, if he did not, his chances would greatly diminish.

Evans got out to a strong start and by the second lap, he had moved to third and was closing in on Johnny Greaves, the current leader. Taylor did not have a great start, and he was losing water out of his motor from a leak in the head gasket. As water was spewing from the back of Taylor's truck, Evans looked as if he might take his first crown.

While Evans was moving toward the front, he suddenly slowed down and stopped. He lost his fuel pump, causing him to lose power and his chance for the championship. Evans eventually finished eighth, and Taylor fifth. Taylor won the championship 276 to 265. The Pro-2 race fueled the excitement of the EXXON Superflo Pro Series, and helped introduce Off-Road Racing to a new crowd in Kansas.

"Evan was a great challenge this year, and I'm sure I was a great challenge to him," said Taylor. "I didn't expect to be so far behind at the mid-point of the season. I got my main man back, Russell (Wernimont-Taylor's crew chief), and the championship was won because Russ was back with me," he said.

In Round 18, former Pro-Lite champion Johnny Greaves won for the first time in the Pro-2 division, which will undoubtedly boost his confidence for the 2001 campaign.

With an impressive three wins in Rounds 15 through 17, Rob MacCachren's Trail Master Ford was able to hold the Pro-4 points lead and win the championship. He was able to claim the lead since Round 1 in Antigo, Wis. He had nine victories in Tour 2000, winning the championship 303 to 246 over Rod Millen.

After disappointing Rounds in 15, 16, and 17, the Toyota of Millen won for the sixth time in Round 18. The Rancho Ford of Scott Douglas had its best finish since Round 9, finishing second in Round 17.

"We've been working for it since 1997 [the championship]. We worked really hard to do it. All of our sponsors that are on the truck are constantly trying to help us go faster," said Pro-4 champion MacCachren. "We've been very reliable this year. We haven't had any failures to speak of," he said.

With Tour 2000 coming to a close, the 2001 season will begin June 9 in Antigo, Wis. Each team will take the lessons they've learned this year and will be ready to go again for Tour 2001.

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