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Lake Zurich, IL (November 8, 2007) - After completing the Lucas Oil World Series of Off-Road Racing Tour 2007 season, Sticker Dude Motorsports team members, Steven Federico and Lee O'Donnell, made the decision to go west, to compete at the 2007...

Lake Zurich, IL (November 8, 2007) - After completing the Lucas Oil World Series of Off-Road Racing Tour 2007 season, Sticker Dude Motorsports team members, Steven Federico and Lee O'Donnell, made the decision to go west, to compete at the 2007 CORR Finals in Primm, Nevada. The teammates would be a part of the largest PRO-Lite field to ever assemble for an off-road race.

The specially built .94 mile long off-road course was designed by Ricky Johnson, and built just a half hour drive south of Las Vegas at Terrible Herbst's Buffalo Bill's Resort and Casino in Primm, Nevada. The track, known as Las Vegas International Off-Road Raceway, was the longest created for the 2007 CORR season. It consisted of high speed banked turns, a monstrous table top jump on the back straightaway, a wicked rhythm section, as well as several other jumps to really keep the capacity crowd on the edge of their seats, and the drivers "up on the wheel" all weekend long.

Friday Qualifying

After two quick practice sessions, on Friday, the twenty-six truck PRO-Lite field was ready for qualifying. The competition was fierce as #24 Steven Federico qualified sixth fastest with a time of 1:02.235 minutes and teammate #23 Lee O'Donnell next in line with a time of 1:02.280 minutes. The fourth through eighth fastest qualifiers were separated by only 0.502 seconds. The largest starting grid of the year was truly loaded with the best short course racers in the country.


PRO-Lite Round 13

#23 Lee O'Donnell

Lee O'Donnell and his #23 PF Changs Invisible Glass Sticker Dude Hankook Tire Nissan Frontier ran a steady and clean race. The fourteen lap event saw Lee stay clear of any trouble and methodically moved into fourth place with two laps to go. Then on the final lap, with some encouragement from his spotter, Josh Hintz, #23 Nissan made the pass for third place. Lee applied the power to the Hankook Tires and leaped past # 35 Sacio, in the rhythm section for the final spot in the podium.

"The Case Gunderson prepared Nissan Frontier is just awesome," stated Lee O'Donnell. I have to thank Steven for talking me into coming out here, and Luke for letting us use the team United Trailers transporter. Once again the Hankook Tires really keep their bite. It seems like as the race goes on, the tires actually create better grip. I can't wait for tomorrow."

#24 Steven Federico

Steven Federico and his #24 Invisible Glass PF Changs Sticker Dude Hankook Tires Toyota Tacoma started just in front of his teammate, #23 Lee O'Donnell. As the field entered turn one for the first time, #23 O'Donnell slipped by Steven for the position. By the end of the second lap Steven knew something wasn't right in the engine. On the final lap, while running in sixth place, the engine lost power, ending the day officially in thirteenth place.

"Right off the start, I noticed my engine temps were running high," commented Steven Federico. "Heck it's the last race of the season, I figured to push it until it blows. We just came up short half a lap."

Later that night the Sticker Dude Motorsports crew went to work replacing the engine of Steven's Invisible Glass Toyota. Chris, AJ, Jason, and Jason worked into the early morning getting both trucks ready for Sunday's festivities.


No. 23 Lee O'Donnell tenth quickest at 1:00.233 minutes.
No. 24 Steven Federico eleventh quickest at 1:01.365 minutes.

PRO-Lite - Round 14

The final race of the year saw both Sticker Dude Motorsports teammates run a very clean and competitive race. At the conclusion of the fourteen lap event, Lee O'Donnell crossed the finish line in fifth place, and Steven Federico came home in seventh place.

Afterwards both drivers commented on the weekend.

Lee O'Donnell - "This weekend was a blast. I'm really happy with this weekend's outcome. We brought Hankook Tire's first CORR podium at our first CORR event of the year, similar to our first World Series event. Case Gunderson prepped this truck all year and once again I just got in and drove. Thanks also go to Steven and Luke for putting this Sticker Dude Motorsports team together as well as Invisible Glass, P.F. Changs, and Hankook Tires, without their support we couldn't compete at the level we do."

Steve Federico - "After the motor let go yesterday, my crew wouldn't let me get down. They told me that we didn't come all this way to be spectators, and immediately went to work installing our backup motor. Thanks guys! I have to thank my teammates, Luke and Lee, as well as, Invisible Glass, Toyota Trucks, Hankook Tires, P.F.Changs, United Trailers, American Racing, my family, my friends, and everyone that has supported our team this year."

The 2007 season has just finished, and Sticker Dude Motorsports is already preparing for the 2008 season. The team is looking to field a driver in three different classes. The principals at SDM would like campaign a PRO-2 with Steven Federico at the wheel. This would put a team member in PRO-2, PRO-Lite and Super Buggy for the upcoming season.

"Competing in three different divisions will give our sponsors maximum exposure with three great personalities that can reach all major demographics," commented Steven Federico. "To make this become a reality, the team needs a major sponsor who wishes to grow their business and gain maximum market share through the exposure that our race team can provide. This exposure includes the team's performance on and off track performance, as well as media coverage from television, radio, print, and web outlets. Short course off-road racing is positioned to become the next NASCAR."


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