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Scott Taylor Keeps Championship in Mind Scott Taylor and his ...

Scott Taylor Keeps Championship in Mind

Scott Taylor and his #1 Skyjacker Suspension BFGoodrich Tire Ford F-150 headed to Heartland Park Raceway in Topeka, Kansas for Round 7 & 8 of the 2005 Lucas Oil CORR Championships.

The layout of the track at Heartland is short and tight which translates to close wheel-to-wheel action. This event can be very hard on equipment, but the fans really enjoy all the "under the lights" action.

Round 7

Friday night action began with Scott starting in the 8th position. Coming out of the first turn, found him in 5th. On lap three the #1 Skyjacker BFGoodrich F-150 made a successful pass around Evans for the 4th spot. Halfway through the race Scott was running 4th with Vandenhuvel in first, Probst second, and Douglas third. With the top 5 trucks running nose to tail, the action was fierce. Scott made a pass on Douglas, but couldn't make it stick. Then 5th place Renezeder put the heat on Scott and eventually got around for 4th place. As Renezeder made his charge to 3rd place, suddenly was right on the back bumper of Probst. As the end of the race drew closer, Scott made a clean pass on Probst in the back section of the track. At the finish it was Vandenhuvel first, Douglas 2nd, Renezeder 3rd, Taylor 4th, and Probst 5th.

Afterwards CORR officials brought the top 5 trucks back in front of the stands to give the drivers a well-deserved cheer.

Round 8

Saturday night had Scott starting in the 8th position. On the first lap the field got quickly bunched up due to a rollover bringing out a yellow flag. Once that got cleared up, Scott found himself battling Todd LeDuc. Scott tries his best to hold off Leduc, but with an ill handling race truck, Leduc made the pass coming out of the sweeping turn in front of the grandstands As the two race down the front straight Scott is right on the back of Leduc. Unfortunately, #1 Skyjacker BFGoodrich Ford F-150 carries to much speed heading into the backside 180-degree turn and causes Leduc to spin. The CORR officials bring out the black flag and Scott heads for a rare visit to the penalty box. The unscheduled stop puts Scott too far back to catch the leaders. In the end Scott finishes in 8th place.

"During practice I knew we had a handling issue. We changed the sway bar setups for Saturday night, but the aggressiveness of the change upset the overall package of the truck. The really tight tracks, like Topeka, seem to really challenge the team. In the end, we were able to go home without really hurting the truck. We actually gained one point over second place in the overall point standings." -- Scott Taylor

Next Race -- August 13-14, 2005 - Boss Snowplow UP Off-Road Challenge in Bark River, MI

<pre> 2005 CORR PRO 2 Points Standings Taylor F/B 121 Renezeder C/B 101 Vandenheuvel C/K 100


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