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Douglas Motorsports - Wins Round 9 in the PRO-4 Division Douglas Motorsports arrived at Bark River Raceway, for round 9 and 10 of the Championship Off-Road Racing Series, looking to build on the success the team had during their previous visit...

Douglas Motorsports - Wins Round 9 in the PRO-4 Division

Douglas Motorsports arrived at Bark River Raceway, for round 9 and 10 of the Championship Off-Road Racing Series, looking to build on the success the team had during their previous visit in July. The weather conditions for the weekend were ideal, temperatures in the upper 70's, a slight breeze, and a minimal chance of rain.

Saturday - Round 9


The field of twenty PRO-2 trucks lined up offset, side by side aimed at the narrow three truck wide Turn One.

At the drop of the green flag, the field headed for the funnel and all twenty trucks went through without a mishap. The group headed for the start/finish line to begin lap one with Scott Douglas and his #7 Rancho Suspension, AMSOIL, Kumho Tires, Reider Racing Ford F-150 in eighth place. The next few laps Scott was battling #8 Taylor when on lap 4, Taylor spins at the Cemetery Turn and the Rancho F-150 grabs the spot. As the race continues, Evans pulls over with mechanical problems allowing Scott to gain another spot. As the race continues Scott keeps the Kumho Tires and his Rancho engineered suspension working perfectly together. The truck seems to be working extremely well as Scott is able to gain two more positions before the checkered flag is waved. At the flag Scott Comes home a hard fought fourth place.


As the PRO-4 field made its way from driver's introduction to the starting line, Scott and his spotter Bill Smith, were on the radio discussing the line through Turn One. The relatively short starting area and the narrow Turn One, make the start at Bark River Raceway extremely important .

The start saw Scott and his #7 AMSOIL, Rancho Suspension, Kumho Tires, Reider Racing, KC HiLites Ford F-150 apply the ProPower horsepower to the ground and head for Turn One. As the field funneled through Turn One, Scott was in the lead with LeDuc right behind. At the end of the first lap, Scott had a three truck length lead ahead of LeDuc.

As the laps continued the #7 AMSOIL "Super Team" truck performed flawlessly. At one point Scott had over a 12- second lead on second place. The entire race Scott was never challenged for the lead. The team took home the checkered flag with LeDuc second and Greaves third.

"Today was a real solid day for Douglas Motorsports," commented Scott Douglas. "The win in PRO-4 and the fourth in PRO-2 allowed us to gain quite a few championship points. As good as we were today. We realize Sunday is a whole new ballgame. The competition is so strong in both divisions that you have to constantly look for ways to get the trucks faster and handle better. Today the Kumho Tires preformed flawlessly and AMSOIL kept our engine and driveline temps just where we want them. Bark River is a very technical track and our Rancho engineered suspension kept both trucks flying straight and cornering fast."

Sunday - Round 10


The starting grid had Scott and his #7 Rancho Suspension, AMSOIL, Kumho Tires Reider Racing KC HiLites Ford F-150 positioned directly in the middle of the 16 truck field. As the field came rumbling down into Turn One, Scott was able to grab sixth place. On lap three a right rear spring broke, which would greatly hamper the performance of the truck. Unable to charge hard over the "Hill" or any of the other jumps, Scott decided to run at a reduced pace looking to finish and bring home as many points he could. At the checkered flag, Scott Douglas came home in twelfth place.


The start of the PRO-4 race was made a little more interesting as the Bark River track prep crew added a lot of water on the track on the short start straightaway leading into Turn One. When the green flag dropped the entire PRO-4 field came charging into the slippery Turn One. As Scott heading for Turn One, he and Renezder made contact and headed straight for the concrete wall. Fortunately the two trucks stopped short of the wall, and by the time they got going, the rest of the field had a good jump on them. By lap three Scott and his #7 AMSOIL Rancho Suspension Reider Racing KC HiLites Ford F- 150 Scott was still back in eighth place when he realized his right rear tire was going flat. The next lap Scott came in to replace the flat tire. This put Scott one lap behind the leaders. Once back out on the track. Scott drove hard and came home in seventh place.

"Like we said yesterday, every round of racing is so competitive; you can't rest on your laurels. The spring failure in PRO-2 is just one of those things, and the flat tire in PRO-4 was caused by racing contact. Maybe lady luck wasn't on our side today. " expressed Scott Douglas.

Next Race - September 2 & 3, BorgWarner Off-Road Championships, Crandon, WI


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