CORR: Rancho Ford Crandon II race report

DOUGLAS, RANCHO® FORD CLOSE TOUGH WEEKEND WITH STRONG FINISH IN TROPHY RACE AT CRANDON CRANDON, WI, Sept. 2, 2001 -- Scott Douglas finally made the right kind of entrance in the third round of action in the CORR BorgWarner World Championships...


CRANDON, WI, Sept. 2, 2001 -- Scott Douglas finally made the right kind of entrance in the third round of action in the CORR BorgWarner World Championships at Crandon International Off-Road Raceway here today.

After fourth- and fifth-place finishes rife with intrigue, the Rancho Ford F-150 surprised the estimated 30,000 fans with a last-second arrival at the starting line for the annual $100,000 BorgWarner Manufacturers Cup race and got nearly a perfect start en route to a very fast second-place finish.

"We had a couple of hours to swap in a new transmission and get the truck where it needed to be. We almost ran out of time, but my crew gave me a lightning-fast truck that nearly got it done today," said the two-time CORR Pro-4 world champion. "With a slightly better line going into the first turn I would have been able to get the lead in the first lap. And with the way we ran today, I never would have lost it."

That impressive showing overshadowed three bizarre situations that stymied the Rancho Ford Saturday and in Sunday's early session. On Saturday, a softball-size rock took out Douglas' safety screen and door netting just after the start. After putting things back into order in the cockpit, the Rancho quickly closed the gap on the field, regaining all but three lost positions.

"We were fast off the start and even faster after fixing our problem in the hot pits, but we just ran out of time," Douglas said.

The fourth-place finish was especially frustrating in light of Friday's qualifying session, during which the Rancho Ford was one of four Pro-4 entries to break the track's single-lap time record. "We knew we had the truck dialed in because we were still running older-style BFGoodrich tires to save our best sets for racing. We felt like we'd be at least one second faster on the new skins."

There wasn't a rock in the cockpit at the start of Sunday's early round, but an embankment and competitor Jason Baldwin did more than enough to complicate matters. Heading into Crandon's first turn, the Rancho Ford get caught behind of wedge of trucks and was knocked onto a five-foot berm along the track's left side. After getting all four wheels back on the ground, Douglas went on a rampage that appeared to put him into position for at least a third-place finish. Just 200 yards from the finish, however, the Rancho Ford was fouled while overtaking Jason Baldwin. The collision damaged the F-150's transmission, sending it limping home in fifth.

Baldwin was black flagged in the encounter, his fourth such infraction against Douglas this year. "I can deal with a rock flying through my windshield and trying to take my head off, but it gets very frustrating when you're are continually getting rammed by a guy who can't handle being passed. I'm out here fighting for my team, my fans and my sponsors. I'm not sure what his motives are."

Douglas quickly put that frustration behind him as the Rancho team battled the clock while swapping transmissions. It appeared to the crowd that the clock had won when Douglas failed to appear for driver introductions and the parade lap immediately prior to the start of the BorgWarner trophy race. A few minutes later, though, the Rancho Ford's distinctive Kinetic Racing Engines Ford Racing Technology V8 could be heard roaring off the line.

"This thing was a rocket out there today," Douglas said. "We're so close to putting it all together that I can feel it; our goal now is to make it happen with a big weekend in Topeka in a couple of weeks."

The Rancho F-150 features two of the latest technology packages from Tenneco Automotive: an advanced Rancho suspension system and a DynoMaxTM ultra-high-flow performance exhaust system engineered to ensure maximum engine efficiency and power.

For more information on the Douglas Motorsports Rancho Ford F-150, check out the Douglas Motorsports website at www.douglasmotorsports. Also be sure to visit the all-new Rancho Suspension site at, and the DynoMax Performance Exhaust site at for more information on the world's best performance suspension and exhaust products.

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-Dougla Motorsports

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