CORR: Luxemborg, Wisconsin results

Luxemburg, Wis. (July 16, 2000)-Rounds 5 and 6 of the CORR EXXON Superflo Series in Luxemburg, Wis. provided fans with fast, unpredictable racing. One crucial mistake or unlucky spinout knocked many drivers out of the lead. In Pro-4 action,...

Luxemburg, Wis. (July 16, 2000)-Rounds 5 and 6 of the CORR EXXON Superflo Series in Luxemburg, Wis. provided fans with fast, unpredictable racing. One crucial mistake or unlucky spinout knocked many drivers out of the lead.

In Pro-4 action, Rod Millen won his second race in a row by claiming Round 5 in his Toyota Tundra. Rob MacCachren and Curt LeDuc battled like seasoned veterans, passing each other continually on the short course. MacCachren's Trail Master Ford held off the Napa Chassis Ford of LeDuc, finishing second. Scott Douglas' Rancho Ford took third, and LeDuc fourth.

In Round 6, Millen again made a strong start before Adrian Cenni spun out, causing a collision that could not be avoided between Cenni, Millen and Scott Douglas. Rob MacCachren took over the lead and dominated most of the race, accelerating through the straight-aways and making precision turns on the tight course.

MacCachren, who was seemingly on his way to victory with two laps to go suffered a right rear flat tire. Curt LeDuc, already on a hard charge toward the front, took the lead in the first turn of the final lap, holding on to claim his first victory in 2000. Millen recovered and finished second while MacCachren finished third. MacCachren maintained his Pro-4 points lead with 102 points, followed by LeDuc (90), who is two points ahead of Millen (88).

Following the sixth round in Pro-2, Carl Renezeder and Scott Taylor are tied for the lead with 87 points, and Evan Evans trails by three. Evans recorded his second victory in Tour 2000 by holding off Renezeder and Kevin Probst in Round 5. Scott Taylor took the checkered flag in Round 6, his first victory since Round 2. Before he took the lead, he had to get in front of Dan Vanden Heuvel, which was not an easy task. Vanden Heuvel finished second, his best finish in Tour 2000.

Pro-Lite driver Jeff Kincaid made history in Round 5 by winning his fifth straight race. No other driver in CORR history has won the first five rounds of a season. Kincaid was not as fortunate in Round 6, as he started near the back, and before he completed one lap, he had motor problems and had to pull off to the side for the remainder of the race.

Jason Crowder had two successful rounds, placing third in Round 5, and winning for the first time this season in Round 6. Crowder's victory in Round 6 was the second of his career. Jeff Kincaid has a 20-point lead over Art Schmitt, who gained some ground following a sixth and fifth place finish in Rounds 5 and 6. Schmitt's lead narrowed to two points over third place driver Chris Brandt.

The Sportsman Series also had many exciting moments, as three of the drivers continued winning streaks. In Super Buggy, Chad Hord won for the third time in a row, and owns a commanding 30-point lead in the point standings. Mark Kleiman won for the fourth time in a row in Sportsman Stock. His four victories follow a 13th place finish in Round 1 and a non-start in Round 2. Tommy Bradley claimed his third victory in a row in Sportsman-2. His sweep in Luxemburg brought his Tour 2000 victories to four.

In the Light Buggy division, Todd Lemke won for the first time in Round 5, and Michael Hintz also claimed his first victory this season. Greg Stingle maintains his lead over Jeff Viring by ten points. The Single Buggy competition continues to heat up. Steven Federico won for the fourth time this year in Round 5, and following Round 6 he is third in points. Following consistent driving throughout the year, Michael Seefeldt claimed his first victory, and took over the lead in points.

For the first time, CORR will travel to Fort Dodge, Iowa and compete at the Midwest Off Road Raceway. The dates for the event are July 29-30. For ticket information, call 515-573-8745.

<pre> CORR Point Standings (After 6 Rounds)

Sportsman Light Buggy                           Sportsman Single Buggy
1. Greg Stingle-Black Creek, Wis.               1.  Michael E. Seefeldt-Sussex, Wis.  
2. Jeff Viring-Oregon, Wis.                     2.  M. Steinhardt/Mark Kreuger-Rhinelander, Wis.
2. Curt Gerald/Jim Wallace-Appleton, Wis.       3.  Steven Federico-Wilmette, Ill.
Sportsman Super Buggy                           Sportsman Stock
1.  Chad Hord/Richie Ault-Iron Mountain, Mich   1.  Mark Kleiman-Wilson, Mich.
2.  Todd Wallace-Bark River, Mich.              2   Keith Steele-Madison, Wis.
3.  Larry Gourlie/Joe Mayberry-Mountlake, Wash. 3.  Jerry Edgerton-Indian River, Mich.
Sportsman 2                                     Pro-Lite
1.  Tommy Bradley-Las Vegas, Nev.               1.  Jeff Kincaid-Argonne, Wis.
2.  George/John Schultz-Park City, Ill.         2.  Art Schmitt-Pittsburg, Pa.
3.  Mike Oberg-Eagle River, Wis.                3.  Chris Brandt-Council Bluffs, Ia.
3.  Dan Baudoux-Hemlock, Mich. 
4.  Mark Krueger-Green Bay, Wis.                        
5.  Jason DeGrave-Bark River, Mich.
1.  Carl Renezeder-Laguna Beach, Calif.         Pro-4
1.  Scott Taylor-Belvidere, Ill                 1.  Rob MacCachren-Las Vegas, Nev.
3.  Evan Evans-Riverside, Calif.                2.  Curt LeDuc-Cherry Valley, Calif.
4.  Kevin Probst-New Lenox, Ill                 3.  Rod Millen-Huntington. 
5.  Dan Vanden Heuvel-Appleton, Wisc.           4.  Scott Douglas-El Cajon, Calif.  
                                                5.  Adrian Cenni-New York, N.Y.

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