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Fort Dodge, Iowa (July 30, 2000)-Amidst the rich farming land in north central Iowa, Promoter's Jim and Sue Ricke envisioned a dream. It was not a baseball field they wanted to create-it was an Off Road Raceway. Their dream came true...

Fort Dodge, Iowa (July 30, 2000)-Amidst the rich farming land in north central Iowa, Promoter's Jim and Sue Ricke envisioned a dream. It was not a baseball field they wanted to create-it was an Off Road Raceway.

Their dream came true as the CORR EXXON Superflo series debuted in Fort Dodge, Iowa at the Midwest Off Road Raceway. The new fans in Iowa experienced racing on a new track that was designed using the areas natural terrain.

Although Midwest Off Road Raceway is one of the widest tracks in the CORR series, several of the trucks fell prey to the tight turns and horrific rhythm sections. When the vehicles were not cautiously over the one mile layout they reached maximum speeds of 100 miles per hour.

In the Pro-4 division, the competition is heating up as points leader Rob MacCachren is battling with Curt LeDuc, Rod Millen, and Scott Douglas. In Round 7, Rod Millen's Toyota Tundra won for the third time this season as he held off Curt LeDuc's Napa Chassis Ford and the Rancho Ford of Scott Douglas.

In Round 8, LeDuc got the jump in the land rush start and was followed closely by Millen and Adrian Cenni. After Cenni lost 4-wheel drive and Millen's Toyota flipped after breaking an upper control arm. LeDuc appeared to be on his way to victory-until MacCachren's Trailmaster Ford wanted to join the party.

MacCachren's patient and savvy driving in the turns allowed him to edge closer to LeDuc in the final laps. With two laps to go, MacCachren overtook LeDuc, but to the surprise of the fans in Fort Dodge, the race was far from over.

In the final two laps, the lead changed three times between the top two drivers in Pro-4, before MacCachren took the checkered flag. His win provided a slight cushion of 11 points, with Millen and Douglas also within striking distance.

In Pro-2 competition, Evan Evans' Chevy is raising eyebrows, as he became the fifth Pro driver to record consecutive wins in Tour 2000. Evans' victories in Round 7 and 8 increased his season total to four. Despite Evans' lack of factory sponsorship, he and his team have found a way to the top of the Pro-2 division. His four victories in Tour 2000 double his career victories in CORR following the 1999 season, and give him a twelve point lead.

Round 8 featured the top three Pro-2 drivers battling to the end. The Lucas Oil Chevy of Carl Renezeder had the early lead, followed closely by the EXXON Superflo Ford of Scott Taylor and Evans. Nearly halfway through the race, with Renezeder in the lead, Taylor bumped Renezeder, causing his truck to roll over three times.

This happened the day after Renezeder raced with a tiger tail hanging from his rear bumper-one that could be purchased from Taylor's pit area. If you hold a piece of meat in front of a hungry tiger, it's likely he'll take your hand as well.

Victory lane hosted two new winners in the Pro-Lite division. In Round 7, Chris Brandt won for the first time this season, taking advantage of a black flag that was issued to points leader Jeff Kincaid.

In Round 8, Rick Huseman claimed his first CORR victory, out dueling Mark Krueger and Chris Brandt. Round 8 was only Huseman's fourth start this season. After winning five straight in the beginning of the season, in what was seemingly and insurmountable points lead earlier this season, Kincaid's is now ahead by only eleven points over Chris Brandt, and 23 points ahead of Art Schmitt.

The Sportsman Series had repeat winners in four out of the five divisions in Rounds 7 and 8. Gary Behrens overtook the lead in the Light Buggy division by sweeping both rounds. Steven Federico, Michael Seefeldt and the team of Todd and Tracy Crump finished first through third, but Federico and Seefeldt were disqualified in post tech inspection for unapproved parts. Results are pending an appeal for both teams.

Scott Schwalbe had consecutive wins in the Super Buggy division. He is in second place in points following his four wins this season. J.R. Wheeler had two second-place finishes this weekend, his best this year. Those two drivers are still chasing the team of Chad Hord, who after a third place finish in Round 8, leads by fourteen points.

For the first time this season, Jerry Edgerton won in the Sportsman Stock division. His two wins helped him take the lead over Keith Steele and Mark Kleiman. In Sportsman-2, Tommy Bradley is not a stranger to victory lane. He swept Rounds 7 and 8, increasing his points lead to an amazing 51 points. He has six victories in Tour 2000; five consecutive.

The CORR EXXON Superflo Series' next stop is Bark River, Mich. for the U.P. Off Road 100 August 11-13. In celebration of its 25th anniversary, off road legend Walker Evans announced he will compete in the Orleans Chevrolet.

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<pre> CORR Point Standings (After 8 Rounds)

Pro-Lite                                                Pro-2                          
1.  Jeff Kincaid-124 points                             1.  Evan Evans-124 points
2.  Chris Brandt--113                                   2.  Scott Taylor-112 
3.  Art Schmitt--101                                    3.  Carl Renezeder--108
4.  Mark Krueger--95                                    4.  Kevin Probst--98
5.  Jason Crowder--85                                   5.  Dan Vanden Heuvel--93

1.  Rob MacCachren-133 points                           
2.  Curt LeDuc-122                              
3.  Rod Millen--116                      
4.  Scott Douglas--105 
5.  Adrian Cenni--92

Sportsman Super Buggy 1. Chad Hord-120 points 2. Scott Schwalbe-106 3. Todd Wallace--89 Sportsman Stock Sportsman 2 1. Jerry Edgerton-103 points 1. Tommy Bradley-150 points 2 Keith Steele--98 2. George/John Schultz--99 3. Mark Kleiman--93 3. Mike Oberg--98

Sportsman Light Buggy 1. Gary Behrens-85 points 2. Greg Stingle-72 3. Tracy Peebles-70

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