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Wilmette, IL (September 25th, 2001) This has been a totally successful year for Federico Racing. As the 2001 CORR racing season comes to a close, we look back over the year and count our many blessings. Steven and Federico Racing had three goals...

Wilmette, IL (September 25th, 2001) This has been a totally successful year for Federico Racing. As the 2001 CORR racing season comes to a close, we look back over the year and count our many blessings. Steven and Federico Racing had three goals at the beginning of the year. The first goal was to stay in the inversion (the first eight positions in points). We accomplished that. The second goal was to win The 2001 Kumho Tire Pro Rookie of the Year. WE DID IT! STEVEN IS THE 2001 KUMHO TIRE PRO 'ROOKIE OF THE YEAR! With eight rookies in the pro classes this year, it was the largest rookie class ever, so this was quite an accomplishment. By far the most important goal for this year was to race and be safe we were able to, and that may have been the biggest blessing of all. It was an awesome year, one we started off strong. We were second in points through the first seven races and held on to first for three races in the middle of the season. Finally ending up third in total points. The highlight of our >season was the mid-season win at Bark River. The entire season was a great learning experience for us. Steven said, "After the win at Bark River I think we tried too many things to make the truck work a little better and ended up 'chasing our tails'. As a result we just missed the set-up too many times in the second half of the season. We learned a lot, especially on what NOT to do, so now we have some positive direction and a few good (hopefully) ideas for next year". With one win and twelve 'top five' finishes, this was an awesome year. We finished in the 'top ten' in ALL of the races, except one. Most of the credit should go to Todd Attig, whose superb truck preparation in between each race weekend probably gave us our biggest edge over the competition. Steven remarked, "Todd always gave us a truck that felt ready to go the distance on any given race day". During the races at the track Henry and A.J. kept the truck and Steven going. Their hard work and dedication had a tremendous impact on the season's exceptional outcome also. "We all learned a lot this year, which will make us that much better next year". A big THANK YOU goes out to Jim, Joe and all the Goodyear technicians at the track for their support!


Throughout the past four seasons Steven has raced at every track. He knows those tracks inside and out. This was his first look at Topeka. Previously to this weekend, all he had to go by was a videotape obtained from CORR of last year's pro races. It only took a couple of practice laps to convince Steven that Topeka was the most technically demanding track he has ever been on. Race strategies began racing through Steven's head. "Up until that point the team had worked very hard to give me a thirteen point lead in the 'Rookie of the Year' race. The last thing I wanted to do was jeopardize that, but with a lot of luck there was a chance for me to win the Pro Lite championship outright" (going into round 15 Federico was only sixteen points back from the championship lead). With a two by two start Federico was outside third row. The green flag flew and sixteen trucks headed over two jumps, a tabletop jump and a high-speed left corner. After the first lap Federico was running eighth. Making some great moves Federico eventually moved up to fifth, where he finished the race.


Kincaid had some problems in round fifteen ending up finishing tenth so the points battle became Kincaid, three points away from Husmen and eleven over Federico. With this one race left the only way for Federico to win the Championship was for Kincaid to break on the first lap and for Steven to beat Husmen by three positions. Once the race began Kincaid completed his first lap, thus eliminating any chance Federico had of winning the championship. So Steven settled in and put his mind on driving a smart race in order to protect the 'Rookie' championship. Not taking any chances Federico finished fifth overall in the race and locked up the 'Rookie of the Year' honors.


Steven ended up 3rd in championship points, quite an accomplishment for a rookie we think. Our whole team would be thrilled with that alone but Steven brought back with him the Kumbo Tire 'Rookie of the Year' award! We couldn't be prouder! Just wait until NEXT SEASON!> Steven would also like everyone to know that throughout the season our Goodyear Tires were nothing short of AWESOME! "We never had to change a tire for any reason during any race".

We would like to thank all our sponsors for their support. P.F. Chang's, Ingles Markets, Mountain Dew and Pepsi-Cola, Italian Village, All Tune and Lube, Racing Optics, Mechanix Wear, Wilmette Auto Body, Goodyear Tire Company, Phillips 66 Racing Fuel, Phil's, Exxon Mobil, Precision Gear, American Racing Custom Wheels, Vbroiler, Toyota.

-Fredico Racing-

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