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June 26-27, 2004, Crandon, WI. -- The Probst Pro 2 ...

June 26-27, 2004, Crandon, WI. -- The Probst Pro 2 # 99 team made its way to Crandon International Off Road Raceway this past weekend. The weekend weather was unusually chilly for a summer weekend in June. With the temps in the 60's and Low 70's the team needed to make tuning adjustments for the engine.

Saturday - The practice session went well, but the team thought we needed some changes to the tire groove for the race, as the track surface was very slick. At the green, Kevin found himself into the first corner in 6th place after the legendary land rush Crandon start. The truck was not performing as expected with the cooler weather and the tire changes, we could only make our way to the number 4 spot. Trying to move forward, the truck had a problem with a right rear wheel which broke causing much damage to the brakes and hub. The pit crew worked until race end to repair, but with no success. Much thought!!

Saturday night found the team making major changes to shocks, gearing and engine fuel system to get ready for the following days events, The Pro 2 point race in the early afternoon, as well as the Governors cup race later.

Sunday morning - The practice went well, and all the changes the team made worked as planned. The truck was ready to race.

Green flag in the Pro 2 point race fell , and Kevin found himself in the lead to turn one with Evan's inside. Having no choice, Kevin lifted to come behind Evans and in front of the crowd. At the first jump, someone hit Kevin from behind, causing the #99 to go wide into the second jump and the muddy outside line. By the end of the gravel pit turn, Kevin was 10th. By the end of one lap Kevin was back up to 5th and by race end made it to a final position of 4th. Taylor finished 1st. Kevin is now still in 4th points position tied with Evans.

Green flag in the Governors cup race, which pits Pro 2 trucks against Pro 4 Trucks saw Scott Taylor and Kevin lined up ahead of the normal start line for a pre-determined handicap. Kevin pulled off the line at the green and drove around Taylor for the early lead. The Track had been watered and when the 2 wheel drives of Taylor and Probst made it to the (Argon Loop) the track was so greasy that Both Taylor and Probst lost the lead in the same corner. The 4 wheel drive Pro 4 trucks led the way to the end. Evans ended the race in 4th overall, with Taylor and Probst in 5th and 6th. The race was a good learning test for Kevin and the team and many changes are already in progress for the next event in Topeka, KS. "We need more forward grip with the new engine program" said Kevin. "The engine is so powerful, that total changes in suspension are in the works prior to Topeka".

We look forward to Topeka and 3 point race rounds taking place on Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday Afternoon.


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