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DOUGLAS TOPS OFF SPECTACULAR WEEKEND WITH BORG WARNER TITLE Newport Beach, CA (September 4, 2006)--Round 12 of the CORR Lucas Oil Racing Series tightened the points race and entertained the large crowds. An already eventful day was topped...


Newport Beach, CA (September 4, 2006)--Round 12 of the CORR Lucas Oil Racing Series tightened the points race and entertained the large crowds. An already eventful day was topped off with the Borg Warner Cup, a shoot out including the Pro 2's, Sportsman 2's and Pro 4's racing together. Scott Douglas was the big winner of the weekend at Crandon, winning both of his Pro 4 races and the Borg Warner Championship title.

In the Pro 4 division, Scott Douglas took the holeshot and continued to lead, increasing the gap behind him. Entangled in an exciting race, Josh Baldwin, Curt LeDuc, Carl Renezeder, Johnny Greaves, Rick Huseman and Adrian Cenni fought to get into the top three. Baldwin fell back after rolling his truck, but was able to continue racing. Renezeder worked his way through the pack, making his way into second place. Renezeder picked up speed and closed in the gap between him and Douglas, but not in time to catch him. "I needed one more lap," said Renezeder.

While he may not have gotten the win, Renezeder did set a new fastest lap time record for the Crandon track, clocking in at 1:24:121. Renezeder takes the title from Huseman, who set it on Friday during the Nissan Motorsports/NISMO time trials. Crossing the finish line first, Douglas flaunted a huge grin as he accepted his third win of the season in the Pro 4 division. "My jaw hurts I've been smiling so much," said Douglas who took the podium in all four points races this Labor Day weekend. Greaves and LeDuc battled it out for third, finishing neck-in-neck, but LeDuc edged Greaves out for the final spot on the podium.

In the Pro 2 division, Scott Taylor quickly took the lead with Carl Renezeder trailing behind him. With five laps to go, Taylor pulled into the pits and Carl moved into first, taking a comfortable lead. Racing for second and third were Scott Douglas, Michael Oberg, and Jerry Whelchel. Douglas held onto second place, despite feeling pressure from Oberg. Oberg meanwhile, fought to keep Whelchel from getting around him. In the last lap, Whelchel overtook Oberg, but lost a wheel on the final jump. In the final turn, Oberg reclaimed his position and crossed the finish line in third. Renezeder took the podium to claim his win, with three of his major sponsors by his side: Lucas Oil, Nissan and B.F. Goodrich.

"This is a developmental truck, we keep fighting through and we persevere," said Renezeder. "I've said it before; I am going to win this championship."

Douglas finished second and Michael Oberg podiumed again, this time in third. "When you've got someone as focused as Mike Oberg, you know, one little slip up and he's gonna be there. So I couldn't make a slip up, but we pulled through, and this is a great weekend for us," said Douglas.

In the Pro Lite division, Kyle LeDuc and Rodrigo Ampudia got out in front after turn one, followed by Robert Naughton. Jeff Kincaid had more bad luck, and was forced to pull off the track early after catching on fire. Ampudia trailed LeDuc and finally overtook him. Shortly after, LeDuc clipped Naughton and flipped. LeDuc was able to get right back into the race, but was black flagged and lost all chances of taking the podium. In a repeat of Saturday's race, Naughton chased Ampudia throughout, lying on the pressure. But the heat was also on Naughton, who had Chad Hord closing in. Ampudia held his position and took first place, for the second time in a row.

"People were saying yesterday it was just luck, this is to prove them wrong," said Ampudia. Naughton followed, finishing second. "Rodrigo and I, we've proved we're not really rookies anymore. We're going to be around awhile," said Naughton. Hord, whose crew worked until 4am repairing the truck after Saturday's crash, finished third. "I wish we could have got up there to the one or two position, but after what happened yesterday, I'm glad to be up here," said Hord. Ampudia's wins will move him up to third in the point standings, Kincaid and Hord remain in first and second, respectively.

Rhonda Konitzer had the second fastest lap during the time trials on Friday, putting her in the top eight Pro 2 drivers to lineup in front of the Pro 4's, during the Borg Warner Cup. Konitzer's fastest lap was 1:28:473. Scott Taylor clocked the fastest lap in the Pro 2s at 1:27:701. Scott Douglas, driving his Pro 4, passed the Pro 2s and took the lead. His gap widened and he held on to win the race in front of another Pro 4 competitor, Adrian Cenni. Douglas capped off an impressive weekend of racing by capturing his second BorgWarner Championship Off-Road Cup (Douglas also won in 1997). 2004 Borg Warner Champion Johnny Greaves was out of the competition at turn one, flipping high into the air and worrying his many fans. Greaves was taken to the hospital with bruised lungs. Jerry Whelchel was the first Pro 2 to cross the finish line, third overall. The first Sportsman 2 driver was Ross Hoek, who finishes his season just one point out of a points championship, behind Dan Baudoux.

Rounds 13 and 14 of the CORR Lucas Oil Racing Series, the Nissan Off-Road Nationals, will take place on September 23-24 in Chula Vista, CA.


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