CORR: Crandon II: Round thirteen and fourteen race summary

Scott Taylor claims his fourth consecutive CORR Pro-2 championship; Greaves (Pro-4) and Kincaid (Pro-Lite) each win their third CORR title Crandon, Wisconsin (September 1, 2002) -- Scott Taylor (Pro-2), John Greaves (Pro-4), and Jeff Kincaid ...

Scott Taylor claims his fourth consecutive CORR Pro-2 championship; Greaves (Pro-4) and Kincaid (Pro-Lite) each win their third CORR title

Crandon, Wisconsin (September 1, 2002) -- Scott Taylor (Pro-2), John Greaves (Pro-4), and Jeff Kincaid (Pro-Lite), three of the most successful drivers in Championship Off Road Racing history, claimed the 2002 CORR Lucas Oil Pro Series championships at the BorgWarner World Championships in Crandon, Wisconsin.

For Taylor and his Mobil1 Ford, it was his fourth consecutive Pro-2 championship. In 2002, Taylor had four wins and 12 top-four finishes in 14 starts. Coming into the final round, Taylor's lead was six points over Evan Evans, but a second-place finish by Taylor gave him the title, 212 to 201.

Taylor was not finished when he took his fourth consecutive Pro-2 championship. At the eighth annual BorgWarner World Championship Manufacturers' Challenge, Taylor's Mobil1 Ford became the first two-wheel drive truck to win the "King of Off-Road Racing" title. The race features the top four-wheel drive and two-wheel drive professional off-road racers competing over Crandon's 1.75-mile track. In June, Taylor was also the first two-wheel drive racer to win the Governor's Cup.

The Forest County Potawatomi Toyota team of John Greaves (Pro-4) and Jeff Kincaid (Pro-Lite) took the championship trophies in their divisions, becoming the first team to win two titles the same year in the Pro division. For Greaves, it was his third CORR championship. He also won the Pro-Lite title in 1998 and 1999. Kincaid was able to claim his third straight Pro-Lite championship by outlasting Rick Huseman.

Even though John Greaves won his first Pro-4 championship in his Forest County Potawatomi Toyota, it was Carl Renezeder (Round 13) and Curt LeDuc (Round 14) who were able to take a victory this weekend. Scott Douglas' RANCHO Ford was clouded by bad luck in Round 13 and 14.

As is his custom, Douglas powered to the front of the field and maintained his lead during the first half of each race. However, in Round 13, he had a mechanical failure and in Round 14, he lost his left rear tire. Renezeder was able to keep his Lucas Oil Chevrolet in the championship hunt by taking the checkered flag in Round 13. It was Renezeder's second Pro-4 win of the year. More importantly for Greaves, he placed third, giving him a 10-point cushion.

With one round left in the Pro-4 season, Greaves had a 187 to 177 lead over LeDuc. When LeDuc's NAPA Skyjacker Ford took the lead from Douglas in Round 14, Greaves was moving toward the front of the field. Greaves was penalized when he passed two vehicles in a yellow-flag zone. LeDuc maintained his lead, and went on to win his third race of 2002, but it was not enough to catch Greaves for the overall points lead. After taking his penalty, Greaves finished fourth. The final margin of victory for Greaves' first Pro-4 championship was two points, 199 to 197. In his first season competing in the Pro-4 division, Renezeder placed third in the standings with 183 points.

With Taylor nursing a slim 184 to 179 lead over Evan Evans heading into Round 13, it was going to be a dogfight between the two perennial Pro-2 heavyweights. Taylor took the lead at he first turn, and Evans was fifth. Both drivers received penalties during the race, which took them off pace. Carl Renezeder was able to take the lead and win his third race of 2002. R.J. Flanagan finished a season-best second, and Paul Seidler also had a season-best finish of third.

With Round 14 left, Taylor had a 196 to 190 lead over Evans. In the last three years, Taylor finished ahead of Evans for the Pro-2 championship. Taylor once again had to hold off Evans' attempt at his first Pro-2 title. On the first lap, Renezeder, Taylor, and Evans led the field. Evans passed Taylor on the second lap, but Taylor was still running strong in his Mobil1 Ford. As Renezeder stretched his lead to 13 seconds over the field, Taylor took over second-place when Evans fell off the pace. Renezeder took his second win in a row, and his fourth in the division. Taylor, looking to finish ahead of Evans, placed second, and Vanden Heuvel finished third, his tenth top-three finish in 14 rounds. Taylor will keep the number-one plate for another season, winning 212 to 201.

Defending Pro-Lite champion Jeff Kincaid had his back against the wall when his Forest County Potawatomi Toyota took the start in Round 13. Rick Huseman's Fabtech Ford had a 16-point lead over Kincaid. If Huseman could gain five-points on Kincaid in Round 13, the title would be his. What was a good break for Kincaid ended up being Huseman's nightmare. In Round 13, Kincaid, Steve Federico, and Huseman were the top-three at the first turn. As Kincaid was moving with ease around the track, Huseman uncharacteristically started to slow. Huseman had to pull off the track when an oil line came loose, causing the smoke. As Kincaid took his fourth win of the year, Huseman fell to 13th, his worst finish of the year.

With Kincaid's victory in Round 13, he had a 195 to 194 lead over Huseman. When the green flag dropped on Round 14, the 16 Pro-Lite competitors raced toward the first turn. Huseman and Kincaid started next to each other in the land-rush start, and as they headed to turn one, the two trucks touched just enough to knock both off their lines. The contact caused Huseman to flip out of control several times, causing a red flag. Kincaid was bruised, but not hurt. Although Huseman's truck was nearly destroyed, he was virtually unhurt physically. With Huseman not in line for the second green flag, Kincaid had to start the race to claim his third straight Pro-Lite title. He once again took the lead at the first turn and went on to victory, his fifth in 2002 and his 23rd in the division. Chad Hord and his BOSS Snowplow/Lucas Oil Toyota had two second-place finishes during the weekend. The second-year Pro-Lite driver place third overall in the point standings. Kincaid took the trophy, 215 to 195 over Huseman.

In the CORR Lucas Oil Sportsman Series, three drivers successfully defended their crown as division champions. In Sportsman 2, Tommy Bradley swept Rounds 11 and 12 to give him his second Sportsman 2 championship in his PowerAde Chevrolet. Bradley finished the year with seven wins in 12 starts. In Bradley's two championship seasons (2000 & 2002), he has a combined 16 wins in 24 starts. Bradley (206 points) was followed by Dan Baudoux (164 points) and 2001 champion Mike Oberg (163 points.

In the Stock division, Mark Kleiman's victory in Round 11 gave him his sixth win of 2002 and propelled him to his second Stock championship. Kleiman now has 20 career Stock victories in 36 starts. In Round 12, Ross Hoek's Superlift Ford gave him his third win of the season. Hoek moved into second with his victory. In his 12 starts during the 2002 season, Hoek had three wins and nine top-four finishes.

Super Buggy champion Scott Schwalbe was in a fierce battle with Aaron Hawley for the Super Buggy championship. With wins in Rounds 9 and 10, Hawley cut Schwalbe's lead to eight points heading into Round 13. In that round, Schwalbe finished first, just ahead of Hawley. Schwalbe's fifth win in 2002 increased his lead to twelve over Hawley. In Round 12, it was Hawley's turn to take the checkered flag, his fourth of the year. Schwalbe finished second, though, and won the championship 172 to 164.

In the Single Buggy division, Michael Seefeldt had a 13-point lead over Steve Socha after Round 10. As is his custom, Seefeldt's reliability gave him his sixth win in Round 11, essentially giving him his first Single Buggy championship since 1998. The 2001 defending champion did not give up his title easily, winning the final round of the year. Mark Steinhardt's win in Round 14 assured him of a third-place finish. Seefeldt, the 2001 Precision Gear Driver of the Year, had 6 wins and 10 top-three finishes this year. Socha finished the Single Buggy season in second.

Josh Hintz and Ben O'Connell headed the Light Buggy field for Rounds 13 and 14. O'Connell had a five-point lead over Hintz when they entered Round 13. O'Connell's championship dreams fell when he was involved in an accident on the first turn. Hintz went on to take the victory in Round 11, and finished fourth in Round 12 to win his first Light Buggy championship over his Dedicated Systems teammate 166 to 141. Hintz had 3 wins and 9 top-four finishes in 12 rounds this year. Jeff Virnig had his third win of the season in Round 12, giving him 123 points and a third-place finish.

As the 2002 CORR Lucas Oil Series concluded at the Crandon International Off Road Raceway, the drivers, sponsors, promoters and fans will have a time to celebrate the Championship Off Road Racing season at the 2002 Champions Banquet on Saturday November 2, 2002 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For more information please contact the CORR Headquarters (317-272-2827).


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