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Ivan "Ironman" Stewart Protrucks competing at '02 BorgWarner World Championship Off-Road Races. CRANDON, WI -- As if having the 8th annual $100,000 BorgWarner Shootout and the CORR Lucas Oil Series finals wasn't enough for rabid off-road race ...

Ivan "Ironman" Stewart Protrucks competing at '02 BorgWarner World Championship Off-Road Races.

CRANDON, WI -- As if having the 8th annual $100,000 BorgWarner Shootout and the CORR Lucas Oil Series finals wasn't enough for rabid off-road race attending the upcoming World Championship race weekend at Crandon Raceway, the famous track is featuring an additional pickup truck racing class. That class is desert Protrucks and the vehicles will race twice at the August 30-September 1 BorgWarner World Championship Off-Road Race at Crandon Raceway. Protrucks are the brainchild of Ivan "Ironman" Stewart, one of the foremost names in the sport, and his wife, Linda. Protrucks is headquartered in California.

Protrucks, which compete primarily in desert racing, are fast, 2-wheel drive pickup trucks of a single specification. This is the first short-course race ever for Protrucks east of the Continental Divide. The trucks race under the umbrella of the Protruck Racing Organization (PRO).

The goals of PRO are to present, promote and produce exciting and profitable Protruck competition for customers, sponsors and spectators, and to provide fair, competitive and affordable off-road racing amongst a variety of truck manufacturers' configurations. Only two aspects vary from vehicle to vehicle:
1) the V8 factory-crate engine and corresponding bodywork,
2) the skill of the driver (s) and the team members.

Random modifications to Protruck vehicles are not allowed. Their are American and European Protrucks. The European Protruck includes FIA-required safety and fuel injection modifications necessary for long distance rally-raid type events.

PRO maintains strict adherence to a high performance, low maintenance and cost effective racing philosophy. Their goal is to make off-road racing safe, fun and exciting while remaining affordable. According to the "Ironman," PRO's objective is "to keep the sport, series and off-road industry growing on a long-term basis for many generations of racers and fans to enjoy".

Protrucks undergo a pre-event and post-event technical inspection to verify the mandated and spec parts, and that the V8 engine has retained a 9.5:1 compression ratio and a maximum of 360 cubic inches and other "spec" components are in place. For example, all Protrucks race on Goodyear off-road tires -- a well-known sponsor at Crandon. This is to assure that the field of competition is equal and the driverâ^À^Ùs and crewâ^À^Ùs abilities are the primary elements to success in Protruck competition.

The performance of the Protruck is state-of-the-art, with suspension travel at 21-inches in the front and more than 24-inches in the rear. Their power-to-weight ratio keeps the vehicle quick and nimble for both desert and short-course adaptability. The Protruck has already proven to be one of the most fiercely competitive classes in desert and stadium competition, and fulfilled the PRO promise of being the â^À^Ütrue driversâ^À^Ù classâ^À^Ý in the off-road racing industry.

"Our Protruck drivers are excited about taking on the most famous closed course track in off-road racing at Crandon," said Stewart, who will also have a sample Protruck on display at the Crandon races in the exhibit area.

A full-sized Ford, Chevrolet, GMC or Dodge Protruck (less engine) costs $85,000 or can be purchased completely assembled, with engine and all the customer options for $110,000. The Protruck is also available in a "spec kit" form, with all the necessary spec components included, ready for an approved fabrication shop to assemble, for approximately $64,000, depending upon manufacturer preference.

Crandon off-road fans can get a first glimpse of an "Ironman" Stewart Protruck at the annual World Championship Labor Day Parade in downtown Crandon on Friday, August 30 at noon. One of the race trucks will be in the parade. On Saturday, August 31, Goodyear presentes the Protrucks race at the Crandon track at 4 p.m. On Sunday, Goodyear Protrucks race for a World Championship title and recognition, including a 2002 Crandon World Championship ring, just prior to the annual $100,000 BorgWarner Shootout at 3:30 p.m. While most classes race for World Championship titles on Saturday, PRO is running a dual points race for the 2002 Protruck World Championship, with the winner decided Sunday.

Crandon's BorgWarner World Championship weekend includes 13 classes of off-road racing vehicles as well as the Heavy Metal battle in the BorgWarner Shootout. Eight of the classes are the season finale for the Lucas Oil Championship Off-Road Racing Series with several Series Points titles still up for grabs. "This may well be the biggest off-road racing spectacle the country has ever seen," said Cliff Flannery, track president. "With the season ending CORR battles, the Goodyear Protrucks, the $100,000 BorgWarner Shootout, the Crandon World Championship titles and our Friday Night Forest County Potawatomi Thunderfest show, their is something for everyone to enjoy," he said.

Crandon Raceway is located on US Highway 8 in Crandon, WI, approximately 25 minutes from Rhinelander, 45 minutes from Eagle River, 80 minutes from Wausau, 90 minutes from Green Bay, 3 1/2 hours from Milwaukee, 4 hours from Minneapolis, 5 hours from Chicago and "2,324 miles from Southern California," said Stewart. More information is available by calling the track at (715) 478-2222 or visiting the track website at


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