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Taylor Racing Battles Through Bark River Scott Taylor and his ...

Taylor Racing Battles Through Bark River

Scott Taylor and his #1 Skyjacker Suspension BFGoodrich Tire Ford F-150 headed to Bark River, Michigan for Round 9 & 10 of the 2005 Lucas Oil CORR Championships. During the traditional mid-season break in the race schedule, Taylor Racing made some chassis changes, and the Friday practice session had the team feeling confident.

Round 9

At the starting line the #1 Skyjacker BFGoodrich Ford F-150 was in the eighth position.The land rush start saw the entire field battle the wet slippery conditions into turn one. Unfortunately, as the pack funneled through the bottleneck in the first turn, Taylor went from 4th to 8th, all in a snap of a finger. The hard charging Taylor applied the horsepower from his Roush Performance powerplant and quickly moved up to 5th place by the end of the first lap.

On the next lap, as Taylor went over the hot pit jumps, he suddenly saw Todd Leduc sideways on the racetrack. As Taylor landed he was on the brakes hard, but there was just no place to go. The ensuing contact caused substantial front-end damage to the Skyjacker BFGoodrich Ford F-150. As Taylor made his way to the pits, the damaged hood of the truck blocked most of his vision as well. In the pits the crew checked over the truck, made a few quick repairs, removed the hood, and sent Taylor back out to savage something out of the race. As the race continued a couple of the trucks broke, moving Taylor to 6th place at the finish.

Immediately after the race, Scott went to check on Todd Leduc and thankfully everyone was not seriously injured. "The collision with Todd LeDuc was the hardest hit I was ever involved in. It's a true testament to the CORR officials making sure all the race vehicles are built with safety as the #1 priority," commented Taylor.

Round 10

The start was a carbon copy of round 9. Coming out of the first turn the #1 Skyjacker BFGoodrich Ford F-150 found itself in 8th position. Again the track was really wet, making for a slippery start. Taylor was bound and determined to make the BFGoodrich tires hook up hard and work his way back up to the front. By the end of the 2nd lap Taylor made up two positions moving his way up to the 6th spot. At the halfway point of the race Taylor worked his way into 3rd place. He held his ground the rest of the way and finished a very respectable 3rd place.

After the tough weekend of racing, Scott Taylor has a 12-point lead over Carl Renezeder in the PRO-2 standings.

"With the next two rounds at Crandon, the team's confidence will be running high. We seem to always run well there. Hopefully we can build upon our points lead, because the track for the final two rounds in San Diego are a complete unknown for everyone-- I can not stress enough how much I am so glad that Todd Leduc was not hurt after that hard hit and would like to thank CORR again for making sure all the racers are safe out on the track," comments Taylor.

Taylor Racing would like to thank all of the sponsors for all their support.


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