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Evan Evans' four-race winning streak in the Pro-2 division moves him to within 10 points of Scott Taylor Bark River, Mich. (August 15, 2004)-It appeared that five time defending Pro-2 champion Scott Taylor was well on his way to his sixth ...

Evan Evans' four-race winning streak in the Pro-2 division moves him to within 10 points of Scott Taylor

Bark River, Mich. (August 15, 2004)-It appeared that five time defending Pro-2 champion Scott Taylor was well on his way to his sixth straight division championship after Round 8 in Topeka. Heading into Round 9 at the U.P. Off Road 100 in Bark River, Michigan, Taylor held a commanding 135 to 103 lead over Evan Evans.

Coming off two straight wins in Rounds 7 and 8, Evan's Forest County Potawatomi Chevrolet came to a track in which Evans had great success in the past. With his two victories in Rounds 9 and 10, 9 of Evans' 23 career Pro-2 wins have taken place at the Bark River Off-Road Raceway. Evans, the veteran off-road racer from Riverside, Calif., is paralyzed from the chest down in a non-racing motorcycle accident in 1989, and competes using hand controls.

In Round 9, Evans passed the Lucas Oil Chevrolet of Carl Renezeder on the fifth lap, ensuring what was then his third straight win. Scott Taylor lost his power steering early in the race, falling back and eventually finishing 8th. This was the first time since 2002 that Taylor finished out of the top-five in a race.

In Round 10, the fierce battle continued in the division, but once again, Evans held off Renezeder. Kevin Probst's Fabtech Chevrolet continued his streak of top-four finishes by placing third in both rounds. Taylor finished 6th. With four rounds to go, Taylor's Skyjacker Ford is still the truck to beat, but his lead is now 153 to 143 over Evans.

The Pro-4 drivers do not need any incentives when it comes to competing in a race. Featuring some of the world's best off-road racers, each round of racing came to the end. In Round 9, defending Pro-4 champion Carl Renezeder earned his first win since Round 1 in Antigo by holding off current division leader Johnny Greaves. After several laps of bumper to bumper racing between Renezeder, Greaves, Steve McCrossan, and Curt LeDuc, Renezeder's Lucas Oil Chevrolet pulled away on the final lap when Greaves had to serve a black flag penalty. Josh Baldwin finished third in Round 9, his best finish of the 2004 season.

In Round 10, it was the Skyjacker Ford of Curt LeDuc and the RANCHO Ford of Scott Douglas providing some of the best one-on-one racing during the weekend. As the laps dwindled, both LeDuc and Douglas pulled away from the rest of the field, battling over the last few laps. Both trucks made contact on the final lap, spinning each other out, but it was LeDuc who would take his first win of the year. Douglas' second-place finish was his 6th top-five finish in ten starts.

In the Pro-4 standings, the last two division champions are on top, with Greaves leading Renezeder 152 to 143. Not far behind is Jason Baldwin with 142 points.

Attempting to win his fifth consecutive Pro-Lite championship, Jeff Kincaid's Forest County Potawatomi Toyota helped him move up in the standings by sweeping both rounds at Bark River. Plagued by bad luck most of the season, Kincaid returned to his usually self. In both rounds, Kincaid took the lead from the start and did not let up. Rick Huseman's Fabtech Ford was unable to catch Kincaid both times. With two second-place finishes in Rounds 9 and 10, Huseman has 2 wins and 8 top-five finishes in 10 rounds. Kyle LeDuc finished 5th in Round 9 and 3rd in Round 10. Huseman trails LeDuc by ten points, 146 to 136. Chad Hord's BOSS Snowplow Nissan had two 4th place finishes to maintain 3rd place with 120 points.

With a third-place finish in Round 9 and a second-place finish in Round 10, Dan Baudoux won his second straight Sportsman 2 championship. Baudoux's 177 to 131 lead gives the two-time defending champion a 46 point lead over Ross Hoek with two rounds remaining in the season. Ross Hoek's Superlift Ford blistered the Sportsman 2 field in both races, sweeping Rounds 9 and 10. Hoek's two wins give him 3 wins and 6 top-five finishes in 10 starts.

Mark Kleiman continues his quest for a fourth consecutive Stock championship. Following a victory in Round 10 and a second-place finish in Round 9, Kleiman has a 10-point lead over Keith Steele, 159 to 149. In Round 10, Kleiman passed Dave Waldvogel on the final lap to seal his victory. Steele won for the third time on the year in Round 9.

Rhonda Konitzer has not finished out of the top five all season, placing third in Rounds 9 and 10. She is in third-place in the standings with 141 points.

Although it appeared he was out of contention for the 2004 Super Buggy championship following Round 8, defending champion Aaron Hawley swept Rounds 9 and 10 at Bark River to move into 4th place. Hawley has won four out of the last five rounds of racing. The current leader in the division, Corry Heynen, finished second in Round 9, but struggled to a 17th place finish in Round 10. Heynen's lead was cut to eight, 129 to 121 over second- place driver Steve Krieman.

In the Single Buggy division, Mark Steinhardt continued his spectacular season by winning his fourth race of the year in Round 10, and finishing second in Round 9. Michael Seefeldt finished second in Round 10 and fifth in Round 9. John Fitzgerald won for the second time in Round 9. Steinhardt came into Round 9 with a seven-point lead, aided by 4 wins and 9 top-three finishes in 10 starts, but he increased his division lead over Seefeldt 159 to 143.

Light Buggy driver Jeff Virnig swept Rounds 9 and 10, moving him into fourth place in the division. Virnig's two wins were his first of the 2004 season. Ben O'Connell continues to hold the division lead, 130 to 124 over Craig Metz and Greg Stingle.

In the 2004 Manufacturer's Championship, Ford currently leads in both the Pro-4 and Pro-Lite division, and Chevrolet holds the lead in Pro-2 over Ford.

Rounds 11 and 12 of the 2004 CORR Lucas Oil Series will return to the Crandon International Off Road Raceway September 4-5 for the BorgWarner World Championship. The 2004 CORR Lucas Oil Sportsman Series will conclude at Crandon. For more information on the event, visit or


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