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Bark River, Mich. (August 13, 2000)Tour 2000 of the CORR EXXON Superflo Series continues to provide hair-raising and heart-thumping action. With the season just past the halfway mark, points are adding up, and several drivers know they are...

Bark River, Mich. (August 13, 2000)Tour 2000 of the CORR EXXON Superflo Series continues to provide hair-raising and heart-thumping action. With the season just past the halfway mark, points are adding up, and several drivers know they are within reach of a championship.

The Bark River Off Road Raceway hosted the U.P. Off Road 100 for Rounds 9 and 10 of the CORR EXXON Superflo Series. The return of legendary Pro-4 driver Walker Evans and Pro-2 driver Brendan Gaughan added extra spark to a weekend of fireworks.

The track tested both the drivers' skills, as well as their equipment, as they went from high speeds to 150-foot jumps to hairpin turns throughout the 1.5-mile long course. The most critical point in the races proved to be the start. Coming from a land rush start, the drivers immediately had a sharp right-hand turn while packed together from the inside to outside walls.

In Rounds 9 and 10, the winners of the Pro divisions are quite familiar with the post-race routineswipe off the face, adjust the hat, and thank everyone for the support that helped them win. Rod Millen, Evan Evans, Jeff Kincaid, Rob MacCachren, and Kevin Probst together have 23 victories combined in Tour 2000, all had victories at Bark River.

During Round 9, the top four leaders in Pro-4; Millen, Rob MacCachren, Curt LeDuc and Scott Douglas remained close throughout the race. Millen led the parade through the finish line followed by Scott Douglas, MacCachren and LeDuc. The margin separating first through forth was less than four seconds. Douglas finished second without the services of power steering or second gear.

In Round 10, LeDuc and MacCachren again met in the front of the field following LeDuc's quick start. After leading for nearly half the race, LeDuc could not hold off MacCachren, who broke the track record twice during the round. His first record was a lap of 1 minute, 25 seconds; and on the white-flag lap, he ran 1:24.85. His win increased his overall lead to seventeen points over LeDuc. Millen remains only nineteen points down with eight rounds to go.

In Pro-2 action, Evan Evans continues to increase his lead. He won his third race in a row in Round 9, claiming his fifth victory in Tour 2000. After moving to the front, he appeared to slow down. It was realized that he ran the last half of the race on a low right rear tire due to a cracked rim. When he pulled into victory lane, there was not a tire at all. The other drivers and the track were not the only thing Evans was battling over the weekend. He suffered through a severe cold. Not quite ready to seek medical treatment, Evans' remedy was a victory. He felt better the next day.

Kevin Probst, in his Quick and Bright Chevrolet took the checkered flag for the second time this season by out dueling Carl Renezeder and Scott Taylor during Round 10. Again, the start of the race proved to be key as Probst's quick start enabled him to obtain a comfortable lead.

Following the first ten rounds in Pro-2, Evans' lead increased to seventeen points over the consistent Lucas Oil Chevrolet of Renezeder. The EXXON Superflo Ford of Taylor remains eighteen points behind Evans, and one point behind Renezeder.

Following three disappointing rounds in the Pro-Lite division, the Potawatomi Toyota Tacoma of Jeff Kincaid returned to familiar ground with a sweep in Rounds 9 and 10. Kincaid's lead dwindled to eleven points following Round 8, but once his Toyota claimed the start, it did not look back. Art Schmitt and his Nissan also returned to form following a third place finish in Round 10. Jason Degrave of Bark River finished third and eighth in each round.

Following Rounds 9 and 10, two rounds remain in the CORR Sportsman Divisions. Tommy Bradley of Las Vegas, Nev. claimed the Sportsman-2 title following his seventh victory in Round 9, and a second place finish in Round 10. Bradley's victory was his sixth in a row. George Schultz won for the first time in Tour 2000 by holding off Bradley in Round 10. Schultz is in second place, currently 55 points behind the champion, Bradley.

The Single Buggy lead continues to bounce back and forth, and the championship is far from over as first and second place are only three points apart. Following a victory in Round 10, Michael Seefeldt holds the three-point lead over Steven Federico. Federico's victory in Round 9 was his sixth this year, and allowed him to be in the hunt for the title in Crandon, Wis.

Chad Hord holds a six-point lead over Scott Schwalbe in the Super Buggy division. Local favorite Todd Wallace of Bark River won for the first time in Round 10. Larry Gourlie won in Round 9; his second victory in Tour 2000. Mark Kleiman goes into the final two rounds of the season with a seven-point lead over Keith Steele in Sportsman Stock. Gary Behrens' lead is nine points in the Light Buggy division, as Greg Stingle can pull ahead for the championship with a strong finish to Tour 2000.

The next stop on the CORR EXXON Superflo Series is Crandon, Wis. for Rounds 11 and 12 on September 1-3. The Sportsman Series will conclude after Round 12, as the Pro divisions will continue to battle. For tickets to the legendary Crandon International Off Road Raceway, call 715-478-2222.

<pre> CORR Point Standings (After 10 Rounds)

*Number in parenthesis indicates wins in 2000

Pro-Lite Pro-2

1. Jeff Kincaid (7)--164 points 1. Evan Evans (5)--155 points 2. Chris Brandt (1)--141 2. Carl Renezeder--138 3. Art Schmitt--123 3. Scott Taylor (3)--137 4. Mark Krueger--121 4. Kevin Probst (2)--130 5. Jason DeGrave--97 5. Dan Vanden Heuvel--121


1. Rob MacCachren (5)--167 points 2. Curt LeDuc (1)--150 3. Rod Millen (4)--148 4. Scott Douglas--132 5. Adrian Cenni--114

Sportsman Super Buggy

1. Chad Hord (3)--138 points 2. Scott Schwalbe (4)--132 3. Larry Gourlie (2)--117

Sportsman Stock Sportsman 2

1. Mark Kleiman (5)--117 1. Tommy Bradley (7)--186 2 Keith Steele (2)--110 2. George/John Schultz (1)--131 3. Don Williams (1)--108 3. Mike Oberg (1)--123

Sportsman Light Buggy Sportsman Single Buggy

1. Gary Behrens (2)--106 1. Michael Seefeldt (2)--155 2. Greg Stingle--97 2. Steven Federico (6)--152 3. Jeff Virnig (1)--75 3. Mark Steinhardt (2)--115

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