CORR: Bark River: Federico Racing race notes

Federico pulls off strong performance at the Lucas Oil Boss Snowplow 100. With the P.F. Chang's, Ingles Supermarkets, Mountain Dew Toyota sporting a new Fat Performance motor that has been in Fat's R&D shop since January, Federico Racing was ...

Federico pulls off strong performance at the Lucas Oil Boss Snowplow 100.

With the P.F. Chang's, Ingles Supermarkets, Mountain Dew Toyota sporting a new Fat Performance motor that has been in Fat's R&D shop since January, Federico Racing was primed to do battle over the racing weekend.

The team arrived late Thursday night at Greg White's Marathon Station where WGLQ Magic FM 97.1 would be broadcasting a live remote of radio personality TJ Ryan's radio show Friday morning at 6 AM. Along with Federico, driver Brad Erickson and Todd Wallace brought their buggys out for the mornings activities.

"We had lots of fun with TJ this year. He was more informed on Off-Road racing and it seemed to give the show that added touch", said Federico.


After two rounds of practice the truck just didn't seem right to Steven. We sat down after the second round with the entire team and discussed how we might get the truck to handle better through the turns. "The truck was just leaning over too much in the turns and was really a handful", Federico said. It was decided that all four springs on the rear of the truck needed to be stiffened up, which was done after the meeting, and it did help.

With fourteen trucks strong and the stands full of fans, the flag man threw the green and the field headed into the first turn. Federico got the hole shot but coming into the track's most difficult turn, Steven put the P.F.

The ever-faithful crew making adjustments...
Chang's, Ingles Supermarkets, Mountain Dew Toyota up on the 'bicycle' (he got up on two wheels). Tucking underneath him was last year's Champion, Jeff Kincaid. Federico and Kincaid diced it up for a couple of laps until Steven tried a move and got stuck outside of the grove. "I tried to take the outside on Jeff and the excess dirt slowed the truck enough so that the motor 'fell off of the cam'. We lost about seven-seconds to Jeff, but the problem now was that the whole field was right on my tail".

Federico, running in second, held off three other trucks for laps on end. Then, while going through the rhythm section, Rick Husman rammed Federico into the fluff and all three trucks took advantage of this and went around Steven. Later Federico commented, "I was a little upset. The officials keep telling us that if you 'help someone out of way' and it enables you to take a position you will be rewarded with a black flag". Well, needless to say, no penalty flag was thrown for Husman's controversial move and Steven had time to get only one of the three positions back to finish a strong fourth.


We were looking forward to the start of round nine since Steven has always gotten a great start at Bark River. Heading into the first turn from the land-rush start, Federico held the inside line and Rick Husman was on the outside. "Rick got me. Going threw the switch back it was either use Rick as a bumper in the corner and chance a black flag or lift (recently it would seem that the officials have been a tad 'flag happy' where Steven is concerned). I lifted".

Kramer copin' some zzz's on the bus...
Federico was running a strong second, holding off Jeff Kincaid for most of the race. Three laps from the end, coming up on a corner from flat-out in fourth gear, Steven found himself without brakes! Later he exclaimed, "WOW, that was close! I was doing around 95 miles an hour and needed to get the truck down to 35 MPH and into second gear to make the corner My heart was in my throat the whole time!" Jeff was able to take advantage and overtook us for the second position. "We had three laps left and with no brakes I needed to use the engine and transmission for braking". We finished the race a strong third and we're now starting to accumulate some championship points.


At the start Steven tried to pull his 'Bark River' hole shot but he got sideways in front of the other thirteen trucks. Jeff Kincaid decided to drive through Federico's front end (in other words he hit Steven), straightening him out again (you really had to see it, it was marvelous) and Federico continued right on Kincaid's tail in second place! That's right where Steven stayed for the whole race, running second and dicing it up with Jeff, until the white flag came out, signifying one more lap. Blasting his way out the three jump in front of the fans, something in the transmission allowed it to engage second and third gear simultaneously, locking it up and forcing a DNF (perhaps using it and the engine as a brake in Round 9 put a bit more stress on it than at first anticipated). Later, Federico would say, "We had a strong truck all weekend and the crew really worked their hearts out. I felt bad for the whole team, but we're all working hard and each race we learn something that will help us down the road"


We return to Michigan and the Bark River Off Road Raceway for the U.P. Off-Road 100, Rounds 11 and 12 on August 10th and 11th respectively. As of now we are fifth overall in championship points with 113. We're really learning about the longevity of components as we've busted just about everything on the truck at least once, but that DNF in Round 10 (so close to the race's finish) really threw us for a loop and it cost us. Before we can win a race, we have to finish a race... We shall work on it

We would like to thank all our sponsors for their support... P.F. Chang's, Ingles Super-Markets, Mountain Dew and Pepsi-Cola, Italian Village, Racing Optics, Mechanix Wear, Wilmette Auto Body, Goodyear Tire Company, Phillips 66 Racing Fuel, Phil's, American Racing Custom Wheels, Toyota, Venom, Precision Gear and my family.

Thanks everybody...
We'll talk to ya after the next race!


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