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Date: June 10-11, 2000 Location: Antigo, Wisconsin Broadcast: (ESPN2) Round 1 6/22, 4:30 p.m. Round 2 7/2, 2 p.m. Round: 1 & 2 of 18 Course Length: ...

Date:                   June 10-11, 2000
Location:               Antigo, Wisconsin
Broadcast: (ESPN2)      Round 1  6/22, 4:30 p.m.
                        Round 2  7/2, 2 p.m.

Round: 1 & 2 of 18

Course Length: 1.185 miles

Divisions: Pro-4 (Full-Size 4WD Trucks) Pro-2 (Full-Size 2WD Trucks) Pro-Lite (Light-Duty 2WD Trucks) Sportsman Divisions

What To Look For At Antigo:

NEW SEASON DEBUTS NEW TOYOTAS - In preparing to challenge for the championship in the three CORR Pro classes, Rod Millen, Johnny Greaves and Jeff Kincaid will each debut new Toyota trucks in 2000. Millen refined the design of his '99 Pro-4 Toyota Tundra to create a stronger challenger in the four-wheel-drive division. Greaves, the three-time defending Pro-Lite champion, will be turning in his title-winning Toyota Tacoma for a new two-wheel-drive Pro-2 Tundra. Kincaid, who has challenged teammate Greaves for the Pro-Lite title the last three years, will race a new Tacoma in his bid for the top spot.

In addition to Kincaid, the Toyota Tacoma will continue to be a force in the Pro-Lite class with Steve Sallenback, Todd Whitman, Steve Foster, Mark Krueger and 1999 Rookie of the Year Chris Brandt behind the wheel.

TOYOTA CONTINUES OFF-ROAD SUPPORT - With a rich history of desert and stadium off-road success, the manufacturer continues its support of Toyota-powered racers in the CORR off-road series for 2000. Through its Toyota Racing Development (TRD) grassroots program, Toyota is paying $1,000 for a win and $500 for a second-place finish in the three truck classes. In addition, a $500 first-place prize and $250 second-place prize will be awarded to any Toyota-powered racer in the buggy classes.


ROD MILLEN, Toyota Tundra Pro-4 Driver/Team owner of Rod Millen Motorsport

"By perfecting last year's design, we made the new Tundra easier to work on in the respect of inspecting and changing parts. It is especially important to be able to inspect and make changes very quickly at the track. Overall, by improving the reliability and consistency of the Tundra, we think we can compete for the class championship this year."

JOHNNY GREAVES, Toyota Tundra Pro-2 Driver/Co-Owner of Greaves/Kincaid Motorsports

"I'm really looking forward to competing with this new Tundra in the Pro-2 class. The Tundra's extra power gives me better throttle control but makes you respect the horsepower more. Unless you drive it smoothly, it can almost be TOO much power. Pro-Lite was a good training ground because it makes you learn to drive smoothly to win and do well. Like that old saying goes, 'you gotta go slow to go fast' - especially in this class."

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