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VICTORY at BITD Silver State 300: BRYCE MENZIES & JESSE JONES CONQUER TRICK TRUCK FIELD Las Vegas, Nevada (September 28, 2009) Five years ago, Menzies Motorsports team owner, Steve Menzies, envisioned his own competitive race team showcasing...

VICTORY at BITD Silver State 300:

Las Vegas, Nevada (September 28, 2009) Five years ago, Menzies Motorsports team owner, Steve Menzies, envisioned his own competitive race team showcasing the raw talent of his then 17-year old son, Bryce Menzies. As a successful entrepreneur, Steve Menzies was not rattled by the thought of such a daunting task. His dream has slowly evolved into reality over the past several years and Saturday afternoon he watched his now 22-year old off road racing champion clinch his first Trick Truck victory.

Amid a crowd of fans and other race teams, Steve Menzies greeted the #76 Geiser-built Trick Truck at the finish line of Best in the Desert's BILEK Silver State 300 desert race as the team earned their first victory among the elite unlimited truck ranks. Steve and his son Bryce shared a "high five" and congratulatory hugs with truck owner, Jesse Jones.

It was only 10-days ago that the plan came together and the opportunity for Bryce Menzies to join Arizona's Jesse Jones behind the wheel of Jesse's new Geiser Trophy Truck became a reality. The 22-year old off road racer honed his skills in both a Class 10 car, as well as a Pro 2 and Pro 4 in the short course racing. However, this was the first time behind the wheel of an unlimited Trick/Trophy Truck in race conditions.

Heading into the BITD Silver State 300 the Vegas young gun led the Class 10 point's race for the season championship with victories earlier this season, including an impressive victory at the 1000-mile Vegas to Reno race. The timing was just about perfect for the Vegas standout to buckle into his new office chair, behind the wheel of an 800-horsepower Trophy Truck.

"Moving into the unlimited truck class has been on the horizon for quite some time," reminisced Steve Menzies. "This opportunity came about and when it was all said and done, we put the truck across the line in first place. I'm very happy for Bryce and Jesse. They both drove a fantastic race and this might just be the beginning of something amazing for years to come."

The younger Menzies qualified the #76 Trick Truck in Thursday afternoon's qualifying effort in the second position among the truck class and fifth overall.

"Qualifying is so important at these races and Jesse gave Bryce some final words of encouragement right before he started qualifying, telling him to drive it like it's his own Trophy Truck. Apparently that worked, as Bryce had a solid qualifying effort and the Geiser-built race truck performed flawlessly," said Steve Menzies.

The test of man and machine over the 321-miles of barren Nevada desert racecourse kicked off on early Saturday morning. As Bryce readied for his first race in the unlimited truck class, he focused on running a smooth consistent pace.

Bryce explained, "I had the same feeling I have at the start of every race, maybe a bit jittery, but as soon as we started racing, I calmed down and got to business. I had a flat tire early and that forced me to make up some time, however I just ran a speed that I was comfortable with. My primary goal was to stay in the top three and get Jesse the truck unscathed at the driver's change. When I pulled into the pit at race mile 184 and Jesse got in, I felt like we just started to get into a great groove."

Bryce Menzies has had an incredible start in his desert racing career with victories in his Class 10 car, but this first victory among the elite truck racers opens up a new chapter for the multi-class off road racer.

Smiling was truck owner and driver, Jesse Jones. "It's been a while since I drove my truck across the finish line in first place. I couldn't be any happier with Bryce's driving performance, as well as the performance of entire Menzies Motorsports operation. They are absolutely an "A-Game" operation and I'm looking forward to the future."

Las Vegas racing veteran, Larry Job, piloted the Menzies Motorsports Class 10 car at the BITD Silver State 300. Larry's solo effort was grand as he crossed the finish line unofficially in first place, giving the team two victories in the same day. However, it was later determined that the team received a 15-minute stop sign penalty that put the Class 10 car back into second position in the class.

Job said, "I'm disappointed with Best in the Desert's ruling on the penalty. I recall the officials waving me through the stop sign and to be penalized on obeying the official's directions is beyond me. However, I respect their decision and we'll be back at the next race hoping to clinch the season championship."

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