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"The American Adventure Continues" Las Vegas, Nevada - The excitement is building for what will prove to be one of the great and true off-road races of all-time, Ford Trucks Presents the Nevada "1000" "A Thousand Miles of Adventure!" This ...

"The American Adventure Continues"

Las Vegas, Nevada - The excitement is building for what will prove to be one of the great and true off-road races of all-time, Ford Trucks Presents the Nevada "1000" "A Thousand Miles of Adventure!" This all-new 1000-mile off-road trek across the State of Nevada will be an off-road race dream come true! The Nevada "1000" is coming up on June 19-23, 2002, with Registration, Technical Inspection and Contingency, taking place on Wednesday, June 19, at the beautiful Suncoast Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Nevada "1000" has been in the planning stages for over three years, even before the running of the Nevada "2000" "A Race Into The Millennium." Casey Folks, Director of Best In The Desert says, "I have always been working towards creating a 1000-mile race, and now the time has come! I can tell you, you will not want to miss this 1000-mile dream come true. If you participated in the Nevada "2000" then you know what a great adventure it was, people are still talking about it, they loved the "staged" format! Sometimes in life people don't get a second chance at an adventure like the Nevada "2000" but now is your second chance! The all-new Nevada "1000" is just weeks away and this is your chance to experience the thrill of competition over a three-day period. It's triple the excitement of a one-day race!"

Folks says that the Nevada "1000" is one of the most awesome racecourses he has ever worked on. There is over 700 miles of Brand-New. Never Raced on Course! This will be the first time there has ever been an approved Car/Truck/Motorcycle/Quad race through Forest Service land, and Folks says it is absolutely gorgeous. The Nevada "1000" is also the first racecourse that will go by the famous Area 51! The course is getting as close as humanly possible to this Top Secret military base. When is the last time you had the opportunity to race through US Forest Service land and "alleged" Alien territory. As a matter of fact, the racecourse has a Pit at Rachael, Nevada, the home of the One and Only "Little A'Le"Inn". You never know who may pop out of the desert to watch you "fly" by! If it isn't a Stealth Fighter it may be a little green Alien, but remember, no outside assistance, even from little green Aliens! The Nevada "1000" course will no doubt pit man and machine against a thousand miles of everything one could hope to find in an off-road race.

The Nevada "1000" will be a high caliber gathering of off-road racing's best, to test their off-road racing skills against the many unforeseen challenges the Nevada terrain has to offer. The best racers in off-road racing are entered in the Nevada "1000", racers like Damen Jefferies, in his beautiful Ford F-150 Trick Truck. The Trick Truck Class is going to be a three-day fight between Jim Baldwin, Nick Baldwin, in his new Ford Trick Truck, Ed Herbst, Damen Jefferies, Roger Gray, Kyle Taylor and Dave Westhem. The Nevada "1000" is also a Pro-Dirt race and the best 1500 Unlimited Cars will be fighting for that championship also, teams like Gary Weyhrich, John Gaughan, Troy Herbst, Dale Ebberts, Doug Fortin, and the three McMillin entries, father and son's battling it out in the hot Nevada sun; and that's just to name two out of the highly competitive sixteen (16) Car/Truck Classes in Best In The Desert.

The Motorcycle and Quad racers are also going to have a race of a lifetime. Johnny Campbell will be back racing for the Honda Factory Team after recouping from an injury he incurred in April, racing with partner Steve Hengeveld. Also entered are the Kawasaki Team Green teams of Destry Abbott/Shane Esposito and Brian Brown/David Pearson. Abbott/Esposito are leading the Best In The Desert series points and are in a racing zone this year. Amazingly Best In The Desert always gets a good number of Ironmen racing their long endurance races and the Nevada "1000" is no exception. Keep an eye on the Ironmen, they are racing 1000-miles by themselves, that's no rider-changes, ever! Quad racers seemed to have found a home with Best In The Desert and the Quad entries are growing every race. To quote a Motorcycle racer after the recent KTM Vegas "150" he wrote, "I didn't know Quads could go that fast, it was amazing to watch that Quad fly by!" Keep your eye on Doug Eichner, nine-time world champion and Jimmy Stephensen, they are battling for the championship!

Registration, Contingency and Technical Inspection for the Nevada "1000" will be held at the beautiful Suncoast Hotel in the Summerlin area in Las Vegas, on Wednesday, June 19, 2002, from 10am to 6pm. The race will start on Thursday, June 20, 75 miles Northeast of Las Vegas off Hwy-93 and Day # 1 will go from Las Vegas to Ely. Day # 2, Friday 6/21, is from Ely to Tonopah and Day # 3, Saturday 6/22, is from Tonopah to Las Vegas. The Awards Presentation will be held on Sunday, June 23, 2002, at the Suncoast Hotel!

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