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Chronological NHRA photos :

Brandon Bernstein
Shirley Muldowney's last NHRA race at Englishtown before retiring Shirley Muldowney goes up in smoke, an anti-climatic ending
Brandon Bernstein launches against John Smith Brandon Bernstein starts to get into trouble
Brandon Bernstein over the wall Greg Anderson continues his record setting pace
This time Anderson clicks off a 6670 at 20718 mph Shawn Gann dominated Pro Stock Bike
Whit Bazemore waits his turn to go down the track Pro Stock final, Greg Anderson takes out Darrell Alderman
Doug Kalitta does his burn-out Top Fuel final, Doug Kalitta keeps it on the ground while Larry Dixon reaches for some sky
Doug Kalitta
Going wild with the PowerAid A happy Greg Anderson
Shawn Gann
Whit Bazemore getting down with the crew