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Chronological NHRA photos :

Scotty Cannon's heat ripples Steve Johnson concentrates on the tree
Steve Johnson The view down the lane from Sam Hurwitz' visor
Sam Hurwitz Tommy Miceli waits for the green
Angelle Savoie Angelle Savoie
Angelle Savoie Angelle Savoie
Geno Scali eyes the tree Shawn Gann
Scott Weis looses the laundry early... ...and the added strain of dragging the chute blows the engine
Angelle Savoie Reggie Brown
Angelle Savoie Angelle Savoie
Pro Stock final Greg Anderson vs. Jeg Coughlin Jr. Peter Biondo
All smiles among the fuel class winners The Bernsteins
Kenny will be turning the car over to his son next year Forever Red
Motorsport.com journalist Jim Donnelly I guess after trashing the engine, the Weis team decided to trash the car, they just couldn't get it to fit into the trash container
Canadian Todd Paton seems to have something against French judges. Wonder what? John Force has a good chance of getting win #100 this weekend
Chris New car, new driver, George Steinbreiner is treating his race team like his NY Yankees
Kenny Bernstein Big Daddy Don Garlits put on quite a show, however he failed to make a good run and could find himself out of the competition by Sunday
Shirley Muldowney Alcohol Dragster
Matt Hines made the best past in the qualifiers Last year cup winner Angelle Savoie placed second in the qualifiers
Don Garlits' hopes for competing this weekend go up in smoke John Smith
Clay Millican Larry Dixon
A double burn-out with John Force in the foreground Under the
The Cape Codder get a little loose doing its burn-out Warren Johnson
Sam Hurwitz didn't make the cut, but his helmet gives a good down track view
Part of the oil down entertainment Don Garlits