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Chronological NHRA photos :

Terry Sainty Clay Milican
Morgan Lucas Brandon Bernstein
Antron Brown Doug Kalitta
Del Worsham Ike Maier
Ike Maier Spencer Massey
Spencer Massey Steve Spiess qualifying launch
robert patrick Larry Morgan warms up the rubber
Vieri Gaines qualitying David Grubic's ride see the friday morning light
Doug Kallita's machine awaiting the afternoon's qualifying
tools of the trade team kalitta tending to last minute details before qualifying
banks of replacement header pipes awaiting use over the weekend Spencer Massey lights them up
Doug Kallita (far lane) against Spencer Massey (near lane) Antron Brown about two feet after launch
Larry Dixon while at idle you can see a single cylinder fire
waves of heat and wrinkled tires on a top fuel leaving the line Clay Millican round one qualifying launch
brandon bernstein burns out for round two qualifying
bernstein carries the front end in round two qualifying launch Night racing