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Chronological NHRA photos :

This is where we are this weekend. Connie Cohen
Keith Dennis Matt Hines
John Smith
Karen Stoffer came from Nevada to try for this race
Craig Treble makes some last minute modifications to Angelle Savoie's bike as George Bryce looks on
Pit crew for one of the bikers
Angelle Savoie
An animated Angelle Savoie
Reggie Showers
Geno Scali
Shawn Gann gets prepared
Antron Brown
Steve Johnson Angelle Savoie's dashboard ornament
Karen Stoffer
Craig Treble checks the track
John Smith Karen Stoffer
Karen Stoffer Fred Camarena and Geno Scali
Antron Brown Angelle Savoie
Angelle Savoie Kirk Johnson launches
Kirk Johnson and Jim Yates go heads-up Darrell Russell
Chris Chris
Scott Weis
Scott Weis Jim Head
Rhonda Hartman-Smith The first time in 3 years, Larry Dixon blows an engine
Brandon Bernstein watches the car get prepped
Jim Head
Frank Pedregon Todd Paton scrambles from the car after it stalls on the track
Tommy Johnson flies past Paton's dead car Dean Skuza
Dean Skuza Scotty Cannon
A member of Dale Creasy's pit crew