Topeka Saturday Chevrolet Pro Stock Truck Notes

PRO STOCK TRUCK -- CHEVY S-10 -- FINAL ELIMINATIONS JERRY HAAS, CHEVY TRUCKS S-10, No. 2 qualifier, was eliminated in the second round by No. 7 qualifier Bob Panella Jr., 7.773/172.74 for Panella, 7.854/172.91 for Haas. Haas' 358 cu. in. V8 ...


JERRY HAAS, CHEVY TRUCKS S-10, No. 2 qualifier, was eliminated in the second round by No. 7 qualifier Bob Panella Jr., 7.773/172.74 for Panella, 7.854/172.91 for Haas. Haas' 358 cu. in. V8 Vortec Lingenfelter-built engine dropped a valve yesterday, and he has been competing since then with his spare engine.

HAAS: "We've got to get the good motor fixed, so we have something to race with next week. We broke the good motor yesterday in qualifying. We had to put our backup test motor in and it just doesn't have the horsepower. The combination is totally different. We just haven't got that motor figured out and it just doesn't have it. Even though we had lane choice, it shook and got a little bit sideways. We made a good run, but it was spinning and shaking. I didn't have the pep to bring it back. He beat me by half a truck. Everybody got loose that round. We were running behind the fuelers (Top Fuel Dragster and Funny Car). They blow clutch dust all over the track and it makes it slippery. When you run behind them it's hang on because it's a ride."

WHAT DOES THIS DO TO THE POINTS CHASE? (Haas is in third behind Larry Kopp and John Lingenfelter): "(Todd) Patterson was behind me, (David) Nickens was behind him and both of them went out with me in the second round. The points (as far as holding on to third) right now are still o.k., but they're getting a little tighter."

ON POINTS LEADER KOPP NOT QUALIFYING: "It's going to make the points deal a lot closer than it has been. Larry can still clinch it in Memphis if he has a good weekend there. It would be pretty hard for us to get into first place right now. It's a possibility, but we would have to win the next three races. That's not a very big chore, is it? The Chevy S-10 is running great, everything worked great this weekend and we lost our good motor. That hurts."

BRAD JETER, BRAD JETER RACING CHEVY S-10, No. 1 qualifier for the first time, was eliminated in the semifinals by John Lingenfelter, Summit Racing Equipment Chevy S-10: 7.760/174.31 for Lingenfelter, 7.924/170.39 for Jeter. "We have been doing a lot of testing and I think our testing really paid off for us. We're using the same motor we ran in Indianapolis and qualified No. 7 (Lingenfelter-built engine). I think we found some things with the Chevy S-10 that made it better, so that helped us to qualify No. 1. The motor was fairly fresh, so it felt like it was at its best when we ran that first pass. Then yesterday in the second qualifying round we thought we hurt the motor, but we were not sure. We looked at everything, everything looked o.k., and then we found out this morning in the first round that it was hurt. My spare engine didn't have enough potential to win the second round, so Grant Lewis offered to let us run his spare engine (rebuilt by Larry Morgan). I can't say enough about Grant Lewis and Larry Morgan's engine builders and my crew. They helped us get this motor put in the S-10 for the second round and helped us after the second round. If it hadn't been for that I don't think we could have won the second round."

HOW DID IT FEEL TO BE NO. 1 QUALIFIER?: "It hasn't hit me yet. It's a good feeling to be sitting on the pole, but you also have a lot of pressure on race day. Everybody says he's supposed to win the race. Going into race day you pretty much have some pressure on you. It's not a bad thing, I like pressure, I just wish our motor would have stayed together, and it might have been a different outcome. We're supposed to have our new Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins engine in Memphis, so things could be interesting."

BOB PANELLA, JR., BOB PANELLA MOTORSPORTS CHEVY S-10, who went to the final in Indianapolis, and lost to Larry Kopp, was eliminated in the semifinal today by Craig Eaton: 7.735/172.57 for Eaton, 7.829/171.82 for Panella. ON YOUR STEADY PROGRESS UP THE CHARTS THIS LAST HALF OF THE SEASON: "We have been trying to gain on it. We are just finessing the whole combination. It's no one big thing, we're just trying to make the right moves all the time. We kind of got bit by the bad lane today, but that's drag racing. We knew that he (Eaton) was in the good lane, which is probably worth a couple, and we made some changes but went the wrong way. With these trucks going the wrong way a little bit is a lot."

YOU BUILD YOUR OWN ENGINES: "We're kind of proud of that. There were rumors going around that we were running other engines, but the engines have always been ours, I wouldn't have it any other way. We just have to keep ahead of everybody as much as we can."

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