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Tim Wilkerson
Tim Wilkerson

Photo by: Ted Rossino

For those who have not yet endured summer-like weather, Saturday was a bold introduction to heat and humidity in Houston. Saturated air is tough to burn and hot tracks are hard to run on, so there was little chance of Tim Wilkerson's 4.10 from Friday being dislodged from it's lofty No. 2 spot, and indeed that's where he will race from despite two tire-smokers on Saturday. Wilk will face Jon Capps, the brother of veteran star Funny Car racer Ron, in the opening round.

"Tough day, all around, with all this humidity in the air," Wilkerson said. "Still, we know we'll have a hot track to race on during eliminations, so it would've been nice to go A-to-B once today, just to get a handle on what our Levi, Ray & Shoup Ford will do on Sunday. We obviously just had too much power for the track on both attempts today, so if the first round tomorrow is anything like this, we're going to have to back it down to get it to the other end.

"Jon Capps hasn't raced too many events in a Nitro Funny Car, but that's Paul Smith's car he's in and everyone knows how successful Paul is. We won't just assume they'll go end to end, we'll count on it and we'll have to be ready for it. It's on my shoulders to figure out the conditions and set a tune-up that can advance us out of round one."

-source: twr

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