Tim Wilkerson Friday report

Gainesville Gatornationals


Tim Wilkerson doing a burnout in his Levi, Ray & Sharp Ford Mustang
Tim Wilkerson doing a burnout in his Levi, Ray & Sharp Ford Mustang

Photo by: Ted Rossino

Tim Wilkerson shook the tires on one run then found the other side of the tune-up when he smoked them hard on the next, during Friday's proceedings in Gainesville. The two aborted laps left him outside the top 12, so he has no valid time heading into Saturday, when the 16-car field will be set. He is joined in the "Also Ran" group by Tony Pedregon, Robert Hight, Cruz Pedregon, Melanie Troxel, and John"Bodie" Smith, which only indicates there will be a healthy battle for the remaining spots in the show.

"We're just a little off on everything right now and when I say a little I mean a lot, in some areas," Wilkerson said. "We had some Murphy's Law stuff going on all day in the pits, with little crazy things driving us nuts and making us thrash a little, and then we went out there and didn't have enough for it on the first pass, before we went back out there and just ran right through it, into smoke.

"We've made a lot of big changes here lately, and even made some pretty big ones between the two sessions, so what that means is we just have to keep plugging until we find the right combination again. Right now, the car is just not happy with how we're trying to run it, and it's showing us that every lap. We're smart enough to figure it out, though, so we'll be alright. It's not rocket science, it's Funny Car science."

-source: twr

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