Stanfield, Price set Pomona goals

BOOSIER CITY, La. - On the eve of the running of the 41st Annual AutoZone WinterNationals in Pomona, Calif., it is business a usual for the DBP Enterprises Pro Stock Truck team. When the Pro Stock Trucks take to the asphalt in Pomona, DBP ...

BOOSIER CITY, La. - On the eve of the running of the 41st Annual AutoZone WinterNationals in Pomona, Calif., it is business a usual for the DBP Enterprises Pro Stock Truck team. When the Pro Stock Trucks take to the asphalt in Pomona, DBP Enterprises Chevrolet S-10 drivers Greg Stanfield and Bart Price will be there ready to race, and ready to win.

Driver Greg Stanfield and the DBP Enterprises team have spent the winter working diligently preparing for the coming 2001 NHRA Drag Racing season. Team DBP has set their sights on earning the prestigious number 1 for the side of one of their two Pro Stock Trucks. They have logged innumerable hours both at the shop and on the test track preparing this two-truck team to wage a championship caliber fight for the Winston Pro Stock Truck crown.

What would seem to be a tall order for some, perusing a NHRA Pro Stock Truck World Championship, is just business as usual for Greg Stanfield. Stanfield personally has an impressive record of four Sportsman World Championships behind him. His fifth place finish in the 2000 Winston points standings had Stanfield within striking distance of the championship last year, which only fueled his desire to win this year. Stanfield knows what it takes to win races and championships. Racing is Stanfield's business, and trying to win races is just business as usual.

"We're ready," said Stanfield of Boosier City, La. "We are ready to get back to racing. We have been working day and night building power and fine tuning these trucks. Now it is time to see if all the work we did paid off.

"I am excited about the season starting. I am most excited to see how we measure up against all the other guys. It looks like some of these guys have picked up. I am curious to see how much we have picked up and how we stack up against them.

"We spent a lot of time in the dyno room over the winter, and we picked up a few horsepower. We also spent a lot of time making both trucks, Bart's and mine, the same. It took some time at the racetrack to get them sorted out, but I think it will be worth the effort.

"We have a pretty good track record in Pomona. One win, and a runner-up. I would like to end this year being 2-0 in Pomona, but what I would really like is to be in the hunt for the championship. I think we have a real good chance of doing that. We have been working hard and my driving is where it should be. That sounds like a good combination to me. If everything goes right, it could work out in our favor. We didn't work this hard all winter for nothing."

Bart and Donna Price own the DBP Enterprises team. Price is also the driver of the second Chevrolet S-10 in the Team DBP stable. Price is proud of the accomplishments his driver Stanfield gained during the 2000 season, and looks for improvement both for Stanfield and himself during the 2001 season. Priced talked about the DBP Enterprises team goals for the upcoming season.

"Our goal for Greg's truck this season is for Greg to win races and be part of the points chase," said Price of Hayward, Calif. "I know that if Greg keeps focused he will win races this year. We have the horsepower, the crew, and the driver to possibly put Greg in a position to win the world championship. If nothing else he should be in the top 3 or 4 in points.

"As for my truck, I want to qualify at every race and go some rounds. At the end of last season, my driving really came around. We had a problem with the truck, which over the winter the guys have fixed. I feel like I need one more year in the drivers seat before I see the winners circle. As a driver if I can qualify at every race, and gain the consistency I lacked this past season, I will feel like I achieved my goal.

"For me to qualify at every race and go some rounds, I think, is a very realistic goal. To put Greg in the winner circle a couple times and be a contender for the championship, is also very realistic.

"As the team owner, if we can do both those things; place Greg in contention for the championship, and qualify my truck at every race, I would be very happy, and call the season a success, but first we have to get past the WinterNationals.

"We are going to take these races one at a time, and with some luck maybe by the end of the season we will have achieved our goals."

In nine short months, we will know if Greg Stanfield and Bart Price achieved their goals for the season, but until then look for the two DBP Enterprises Pro Stock Truck at the 41st Annual AutoZone WinterNationals, February 1-4 in Pomona, Calif.

-Patti Miles

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