St. Louis: Rodger Brogdon final report

Rodger Brogdon Ok after crash at St. Louis After two very successful days of qualifying that saw the "Pistonator" Rodger Brogdon sitting in the ...

Rodger Brogdon Ok after crash at St. Louis

After two very successful days of qualifying that saw the "Pistonator" Rodger Brogdon sitting in the #1 qualifying spot until the very last car down track bumped him to #2, the Attitude Apparel/Racers Edge team unloaded on Sunday ready to take on the rest of the Pro Stock filed at Gateway International Raceway.

Round 1 of eliminations unfortunately ended with Rodgers Pontiac tripping the finish line timers @ 6.722 second at 186 miles an hour with the car on its side. After impacting the right hand wall (he started in the left lane) and then flipping onto its roof, a fireball erupted as the fuel cell spilled its remaining contents.

Rodger emerged from the car after the NHRA Safety Safari doused the fire, and after being checked out by the onsite medical staff returned to the pits stiff and sore, but OK.

"This wasn't my first on track incident," said Brogdon, "and I know that with all the safety equipment we are required to have that unless something really wacky happens, I'm perfectly safe inside the car, I just have to wait for it to stop sliding. Then the fire started up and I knew it was time to re-think this situation."

"When I hit my belts to get out of the car (hanging upside down) I got hung up on the steering column. By then the Safari was there and they already had the hoses going spraying the car to knock the fire down and spraying me to make sure the fire didn't get to me. I'm stiff and sore and I know it'll be worse tomorrow, but I'm ok and we're already making plans for Atlanta."

"We've got last year's car we can bring out that's already been updated and this car will be at (Jerry) Haas's chassis shop tomorrow to get checked out. The engine looks to be ok and we've got a couple of weeks to get everything put together and ready for Atlanta. Obviously we have a little more work to do to get ready for the next race than we normally do, but the guys we've got will make it happen, they're too good of a crew to let something like this set us back for long."

"Steve Kent (team owner) was on the phone before we got back to the pits putting things in motion. We had a car this weekend that showed how close we are to making the rest of the field real nervous, and we plan on picking right back up where we left off when we get to Atlanta."

"I want to say thank you to everyone on the Safety Safari for their quick response and getting me taken care of the way they did. I know that as a driver we sometimes grumble about the things NHRA tech requires us to do, but it is days like today that we realize why. Like I said earlier, I wasn't concerned about the crash because I knew I'd be OK, I just had to wait for the car to come to a stop."

"Someone asked me if it seemed like an hour while I was riding out the crash...... I told them nope, it seemed like a mini-series."

-source: brogdon racing

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