Sonoma: Jeg's Saturday summary

Jeg Coughlin is eager for race day. A total of 30 factory hot rods invaded the newly built quarter-mile drag strip at Infineon Raceway for two full days of qualifying. In the first session last weeks winner Jeg Coughlin posted an ...

Jeg Coughlin is eager for race day.

A total of 30 factory hot rods invaded the newly built quarter-mile drag strip at Infineon Raceway for two full days of qualifying.

In the first session last weeks winner Jeg Coughlin posted an impressive 6.876 at 200.17 mph. His initial run of the weekend was good enough for him to slip into the No. 2 position at the conclusion of the opening qualifying session.

"We made a solid run and we will be able to use the data as a baseline for the rest of the weekend. This is the first time that we have been down this new track and to run as well as we did speaks pretty highly of our entire group," said Jeg after the first session.

Troy crossed the finish line beams with a 7.26 at 188.96 mph. The run put him into the No. 23 spot with three qualifying sessions to improve.

"The car felt real flat down track. I looked down at the oil pressure gauge when I was in fourth gear and everything was fine so I put it into fifth," explained Troy. "When we got back to the pit area and down loaded the run we saw that their was a whole cylinder that was out. The guys went right to work at located the problem and fixing it."

The second session was run with improved conditions. In fact, the conditions for the "night" session were the best of the weekend for the normal aspirated 500 cid big block engines that propel the Pro Stock cars.

Troy Coughlin started off the batting order for the Delaware, Ohio based team in the second session with the focus of improving his position and getting into the quick-sixteen qualifying positions.

Troy posted an improved run of 6.843 at 200.32 mph and jumped up to the No. 10 slot.

"We were pretty confident that will fixed the problem that haunted us in the opening session going into the second session. The guys should that they dotted all of the I's and crossed all of the T's," said Troy at the end of the first day of qualifying.

Jeg Coughlin knew that there was only one spot above him when he enter the second sessions of the weekend. By the time that the familiar yellow and black Jeg's Mail Order Chevy Cavalier rolled into the water-box he was on the outside looking in. The team calmly laid down an impressive 6.802 at 201.37 and took over the top spot.

"We made a great run. Our team has stepped it up a notch. We are making more power and better decisions as a group. It is a great feeling have our chemistry back as team," explained Jeg. "The new track is something for Infineon Raceway staff to be proud of. The track is smooth and it will only get better as the weekend goes on."

The second and final day of qualifying gave the teams some very desirable conditions in the third session. Troy crossed the finish line with a 6.844 at 201.46 mph. The run dropped him to the No. 19 position.

"We launched from the line and the car started to move around. We just got too aggressive with our set up early in the run and it hurt us all the way down track," said Troy.

Jeg went into the third session with the game plan of improving and getting more date for raceday. The Jeg's Mail Order machine blasted off an improved run of 6.792 at 203.12 mph. The run was just .001 seconds off of the top time of the session and he fell one spot to land in the No. 2 position.

"We were just a tick off and there is only one guy out their that is happier after the third session. The information that we are gathering on the new racing surface through the varying condition in qualifying should help us when it counts the most (raceday)," commented Jeg.

Troy Coughlin and his Jeg's Mail Order Chevy Cavalier entered the final qualifying session on the outside looking in from the No. 19 position. Team Jeg's was determined to give it everything that they had to get both cars into the show.

Try ran a 6.840 at 201.22 mph. He made the twelfth quickest run for the final session, but it was not enough to break into the field.

"We got a little behind the eight ball with my car this weekend. Our guys will focus 100% on my brothers car (Jeg Jr) tomorrow. Hopefully we can get Jeg in the winners circle again and be the only back-to-back winners in Pro Stock so far this season," said Troy.

In the final session Jeg rolled up to the starting line wanting to move back up to the No. 1 spot. Jeg posted a 6.828 at 202.03 mph. The run was not an improvement and he made the ninth quickest run of the session.

"The conditions that we had in the final qualifying session will be very close to what it should be like in the semifinal and final round tomorrow. We have done a great job eliminating mistakes this weekend and if we can avoid beating ourselves we should be in for another good day when it counts the most," said Jeg.

In the opening round on raceday Jeg Coughlin, Jr will got head-to-head with Larry Nance. Coughlin will have lane choice when the two Chevy Cavaliers pull to the starting line.


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