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FUNNY CAR -- CAMARO Z28 -- FIRST ROUND OF ELIMINATIONS NOTE: There are only two Camaros competing in the Funny Car field. No. 1 qualifier WHIT BAZEMORE, in the KENDALL OIL/SUPERWINCH CAMARO Z28, advanced to the final round after defeating...


NOTE: There are only two Camaros competing in the Funny Car field. No. 1 qualifier WHIT BAZEMORE, in the KENDALL OIL/SUPERWINCH CAMARO Z28, advanced to the final round after defeating Cruz Pedregon, Dean Skuza and Tony Pedregon. He will face Frank Pedregon in the final.

RON CAPPS, COPENHAGEN CAMARO Z28, lost to Dean Skuza in the first round when the supercharger on his Cope Camaro blew through the body, damaging the windshield, the side window, the burst panel and the front nose. Capps still managed to post a 5.678-second pass at 219.19 mph, but it was no match for Skuza's 5.091/304.53.

CAPPS: "We felt very, very confident, even though we only qualified eighth. We had lane choice, we thought we could run a 5.0. It went out there and just started shaking the tires fast, then it smoked the tires very hard and I had to wait a second. I gave it a quick pedal, it was still spinning the tires really bad. I waited another second and I got back on the throttle. I had to give it small increments of throttle to try to get the tires hooked up. Once the tires were hooked up and I got it going again I could see him out the window, but he wasn't that far ahead of me. I started squeezing the throttle, and about the second or third time there was a pretty big concussion. I saw the windshield crack in front of me. I didn't see the pieces of the body fly off. It was the burst panel, that's what it's there for, in case this happens. I knew he got the win light. We ran pretty good, we expected to run a lot better. It seems the way the year is going if anything bad is going to happen it seems to find us. We have to fight through it. These are true gut-check times. I'm just proud of my guys. Most people would have quit and thrown in the towel. My guys have hung in there with no signs of quitting. I'm definitely not quitting. You know it's going to happen sometime in your career, I hope we're getting it all out of the way right now." ON THE DAMAGE TO THE NEW '99 CAMARO BODY: "We knew for sure it cracked the front of the body. The front nose has a crack in it from where the burst panel sits down to really where the Chevy bowtie is on the front of the nose. It cracked the fender a little bit, nothing major. The one thing is that when we had these '99 Camaro bodies made we made sure they weren't so light and flimsy so that when things like this happen they will hold together pretty good. We have to thank Hairy Glass (body constructor) for that. Our guys are very experienced with working on carbon fiber, they could probably fix it between rounds. We don't have a spare, so we'll fix it, put new Cope and Chevrolet bowtie stickers on the front hood, go to Brainerd and repeat as winner there (hopefully)."


KURT JOHNSON, ACDELCO CAMARO Z28, will face Jim Yates in the final round after defeating Tony Gillig, Mike Thomas and Richie Stevens.

MIKE EDWARDS, DEWCO SALES CAMARO Z28, was eliminated by Jim Yates in the semifinal. Edwards had the holeshot in reaction time, .451 to Yates' .484, but Yates took the win light with his 6.963-second pass at 197.91 mph to Edwards' 7.001/197.74. He lost to Yates by a margin of five thousandths of a second or 17 inches.

EDWARDS: "We ran good here. It's a big improvement from last week (in Seattle, where Mike DNQ'd). If I had the light in that round (against Yates) that I had in the round before (.446) I would have beaten him. We came here, made good runs, qualified well, won a couple of rounds. It comes down to the final couple of rounds. You have to do a better job than I did. We lost lane choice (for the semifinal) in the second round (when he defeated Warren Johnson). That hurt us more than anything. It's a one-lane race track. We shuld have run a 6.98 or 6.99. That would have won the round, but we didn't. At least we know which Camaro to run the rest of the year." WILL YOU BE TESTING THE NEW BICKEL CHASSIS AGAIN? "My guys are worn out, and so am I (from back-to-back races and testing in between). We're going to go home and regroup and check everything out and go to Brainerd. We are not going to work with the Bickel car for a while. We will concentrate on the Rick Jones car and try not to make the mistake we did last week."

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