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Langdon ready to win, and Charlotte's as good a place as any to get it done

CONCORD, N.C. (April 12) -- Lucas Oil/Speedco Top Fuel pilot Shawn Langdon is working hard to earn his first trip to an NHRA winner's circle. A three-time world champion in the Junior and Sportsman ranks, Langdon is hoping a few laps down zMax Dragway might be just what he needs to earn that first Wally.

Shawn Langdon removing restraint equipment
Shawn Langdon removing restraint equipment

Photo by: Ted Rossino

"No matter who is in the other lane or what kind of car you're in, you just have to go out there and run the best for you and your team," Langdon said. "Sometimes it's good enough and sometimes it's not. We can't spend too much time worrying about getting that first Top Fuel win, but I do hope we can get a little luck sometime soon to pay for all the hard work my guys have been putting in."

Langdon enjoyed his first 4-wide racing experience one year ago at the inaugural NHRA 4-Wide Nationals in Charlotte. It's the one race all season that doesn’t just have two 8,000 horsepower dragsters racing side by side, but four going the distance at the same time.

"Charlotte is a little bit of a different race because of the 4-wide deal," Langdon said. "It's a different atmosphere; it brings a lot more excitement."

The NHRA is introducing a new starting tree for 4-wide racing in an attempt to make staging all four cars simpler. Langdon recognizes the racing this weekend will be different with the 4-wide competition and the new tree and admits it might take a pass or two to remember what it's like to race three other cars at once.

"The new tree will take a couple passes to get used to," Langdon said. "Plus trying to get back in the rhythm of racing three other guys will take a few passes too. Honestly though, it won't really matter once it comes to race day."

My job is still the same; I'm going to try and get to the finish line first.

Shawn Langdon

The 4-wide Nationals has caused some debate between drivers and team owners from the day it was announced and it has brought mixed emotions to pit row. Landgon's feelings also are varied, but most of his emotions land on enjoying the positives of 4-wide racing.

"I have some different thoughts about it," Langdon said, "but truthfully if the fans like it and want it, then we'll do it. I'm all about doing what we can to get more fans out here and if 4-wide is what'll do it for them, then we'll race that way. My job is still the same; I'm going to try and get to the finish line first."

Racing under the conventional side-by-side format, Langdon reached the final round of competition during the season opener at Pomona, proving he's a win waiting to happen.

"The win gets so close at times, but then it seems like it's so far at other times," Langdon said. "Going 4-wide doesn't give us any more advantage or any less advantage I don't think. Although, you can be second best in that race and still advance to the next round. Still, at the end of the day, only one guy wins. That part's the same no matter what."

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