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Gainesville Gatornationals

Rewarding weekend for Kent & Brogdon in Florida

Rodger Brogdon
Rodger Brogdon

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For Steve Kent and Rodger Brogdon Sunday’s eliminations came to an end about an hour and a half earlier than the RACERS EDGE (OTC: MCHU) /Attitude Apparel team had anticipated. To say that the way the day came to an end was a surprise would certainly be an understatement.

After running flawlessly through qualifying and the first 2 rounds of eliminations the team found themselves on the verge of their first NHRA Pro Stock final round. With data collected from earlier runs the team felt confident that their plan of running a mid-6.53 second run against Jason Line should be sufficient to achieve that final round destination. What happened during the run though caught everyone totally by surprise.

“Everything was fine until I let the clutch out,” commented Brogdon. “When that happened the engine dropped rpm, bogged for a second as the clutch came in against those lower RPM’s, and then the car took off. It felt just like what happened in my Comp car a few years ago at Indy in the late rounds, and there we had a piece of debris get into one of the carburetors. When we got back to the pits and started analyzing everything and had the chance to download the computer, all the fuel systems showed to be ok. Fuel pressure was right where it was supposed to be the whole run. As Tim (Freeman), the Dr. (F.J. Acosta) and the guys started their search it appears that we had an electrical gremlin bite us. Either something in the coil or crank trigger area looks to be the culprit.”

“It certainly was disheartening, I can tell you that,” Rodger added. “Even being in the less favored left lane, we felt comfortable going into that round. We had made 2 good runs in qualifying in the left lane and felt that we could throw a mid to high 6.53 at Jason, unfortunately we’ll never know.”

“All in all though we can’t complain about the weekend. We qualified #1, made it to the final four, set the national record with the RACERS EDGE (OTC: MCHU) Pontiac, and my guys won the Full Throttle pit crew challenge award for all their hard work. We rebounded nicely from our miscue in Pomona and feel we’re back to where we need to be. There are a lot of races left for the season and the points we earned this weekend pulled us up into the top 4 in points, so we’ll take the weekends results and build from here. But trust me, we WILL find that electrical problem before we hit the track in Vegas!”

-source: steve kent racing

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