Richmond Chevrolet Saturday Report

PRO STOCK TRUCK -- CHEVY S-10 -- FIRST ROUND OF FINAL ELIMINATIONS No. 1 qualifier JERRY HAAS, TEXAS HARLEY-DAVIDSON CHEVY S-10, was eliminated in the first round of final eliminations by Jeff Lukovich, Chevy S-10, on a holeshot advantage by ...


No. 1 qualifier JERRY HAAS, TEXAS HARLEY-DAVIDSON CHEVY S-10, was eliminated in the first round of final eliminations by Jeff Lukovich, Chevy S-10, on a holeshot advantage by Lukovich. Haas' reaction time, .523, Lukovich's .435, 7.531//178.52 for Haas, 7.608/176.58 for Lukovich.

HAAS: "I got shot down. At one time I thought I could get by him, but I was spinning (the tires) too bad down the track. I tied top speed with Brad Jeter, however. We both ran a 178.52 mph. We're going to have to go back and see if we can bring the S-10 to me. Evidently I can't get to the S-10. We worked on that extensively (reaction times and clutch setup), we need to work on that some more. We will work on the truck itself and also myself. We will move the clutch linkage around, work with the clutch, you can do a lot of things in the clutch department. Somewhere between my eye and my leg and the clutch we're not rendezvousing. Everything else is OK, that's the part I need to work on. I'm happy we have the record, whether we hold on to it at the end of the weekend is another thing. It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow, but you never know."

Chevy S-10 drivers advancing to the second round on Sunday are Jeff Lukovich, Bob Panella Jr., Mark Osborne, Randy Daniels, Brad Jeter, Tim Freeman and Larry Kopp.



JIM EPLER, EASY CARE CORVETTE, qualified No. 1 for the first time in his career, with a 4.933-second elapsed time at 304.19 mph, set Friday night.

WHIT BAZEMORE, KENDALL OIL/SUPERWINCH CAMARO Z28, is No. 6 qualifier, 5.085/283.85. Whit will face fellow Camaro driver, RON CAPPS, in the COPENHAGEN CAMARO Z28, in the first round on Sunday.

BAZEMORE: "We're fighting some gremlins over here, just like they (Capps' team) are apparently, and it's unfortunate for Chevy that we are both racing each other in the first round. We kind of feel like it's our duty to put Chevy in the winner's circle and if it's not us it's the other one. I really feel that way. Tomorrow we have to do the best we can to be sure it's us and not the other one." ON TRACK CONDITIONS: "It's tricky here, obviously, but this Kendall Camaro team has won here the last two years in a row. To be honest, what we're fighting here damagewise and everything, it's going to be an uphill battle, no question, but we will be ready. I will do my part and evryone here is working really hard to give us a car that can win rounds. We have got to fix our problems, but I don't think it's something we can fix in one weekend." WHAT IS THE DAMAGE? "We are hurting pistons, the engine has a short fuse and that's the way it is. It runs good, the team has to work through it. It takes a certain amount of time and runs to learn what the car wants, it's a different combination from what we had earlier in the year."

CAPPS: "Obviously this is a very tricky track. In the third qualifying run we were thinking we didn't want to go down the last qualifying run and not be qualified. So I pedaled it in the third run and got us in the show. In the fourth we wanted to try to get it set up for race day. It shook on us again. We are trying to find the happy medium between smoking the tires and being too weak. I think the track is very, very good the first 330 feet. After that it gets a little bit tricky. I look forward to tracks like this, it's going to be a tricky race track to get down. And I look forward to having to really be on your game to get the car down the track. Chuck Etchells won here last year and he had to pedal the Camaro and get it down the track. We have a tough braacket and everybody is running decently here and it's going to be a real dogfight to get to the finish line without crossing the centerline and putting the car in the wall. We are going to go out and probably not sleep very good tonight and put our Camaro up against Whit's Camaro (in the first round) and may the best Camaro win."


KURT JOHNSON, ACDELCO CAMARO Z28, is No. 1 qualifier for the first time this season, with his 6.840-second pass at 201.94 mph in Saturday's first session. That run was not only a track record, but the quickest run in NHRA history. However, Kurt was unable to back it up for a ntional record in the final qualifying session.

KURT: "We look at the track conditions, they're the biggest thing for us. The track has been below 90 degrees all weekend, the last run it was 100, with absolutey no rubber where the car sits on the rear tires. We have to make some changes to get down the race track. We have all the power that we need. The biggest thing we haven't had is these type of conditions consistently to run on. It takes 50 to 60 extra horsepower to adapt to the race track. It throws us a curve. We shook the tires last night, this morning we threw it another combination and it worked. We came back tonight and we wanted to press it and see what our limitations were, but it shook the tires and got loose. We will put everything back together and you will see a different race car out there. We will be more conservative. The hotter it gets the worse it's going to get. We have seen this race track get to 120 degrees, it just won't hold the rubber. You have to soften the cars to get down there, you will see reaction times taper off tomorrow."

MIKE EDWARDS, DEWCO SALES CAMARO Z28, is No. 6 qualifier, following his outstanding run on Friday night, 6.876199.97.

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