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This Week in Ford Racing October 6, 2010 Bob Tasca III, driver/owner of the Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Shelby Mustang Funny Car, heads to Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, Pennsylvania, this weekend for the Toyo Tires NHRA Nationals as the...

This Week in Ford Racing
October 6, 2010

Bob Tasca III, driver/owner of the Motorcraft/Quick Lane Ford Shelby Mustang Funny Car, heads to Maple Grove Raceway in Reading, Pennsylvania, this weekend for the Toyo Tires NHRA Nationals as the defending race winner. Currently fifth in the point standings, Tasca looks to repeat last year's win in order to keep his championship hopes alive.

CAN YOU TALK ABOUT HEAIDNG INTO READING THIS WEEKEND AS THE RACE DEFENDING CHAMPION? "It's always good to go back to a place where you've won at. Reading is a place close to home, second to Englishtown which really is my home track. The first place where I competed professionally at in the Alcohol class was at Maple Grove. It's a place where I love to race at and I look forward to going back there as the defending champion. It's a place where we have to win again in order for us to keep our hopes alive for the championship. We have to win or go to the final round to stay up here in the top. The top three cars coming out of Reading will have the best shot at winning the championship so we have to get ourselves in that position."

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO DO TO GET YOURSELF IN THAT POSITION? "If you look at what we've done in the Countdown, we've qualified extremely well, in Charlotte number three and in Dallas number four, so qualifying sets the stage for Sunday. Like anything else, things have to go your way on Sunday. We have had some good runs, and unfortunately we haven't been able to put a string of four together on Sunday to win one of these things. We can sense the urgency in order to keep our championship hopes alive. We have to go out and win Reading. It starts with qualifying well on Friday, putting yourself in a position on Saturday where you can really take some shots at the number one spot. This weekend will really be optimal conditions all four qualifying times, and you really can't say that very often during the season where you can go into the race knowing that the weather conditions are going to give you some of the most optimal conditions that we've seen all season for some really exciting runs. The fans are in for a treat and the drivers and teams are really looking forward to it. Maple Grove is a track where we have the opportunity to set the national record on almost any run. It's going to be an exciting weekend."

YOU'RE CURRENTLY IN THE FIFTH SPOT IN THE POINT STANDINGS. YOU SAID COMING OUT OF DALLAS YOU NEEDED TO BE IN THE TOP FOUR. DO YOU FEEL HEADING INTO A TRACK WHERE YOU'VE WON BEFORE THAT YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP HOPES ARE STILL ALIVE? "Absolutely, everyone is capable of having a two or three race in a row win streak. We saw Robert [Hight] do it, we saw [Tim] Wilkerson do it, and we saw [John] Force do it this season. I would say that the top seven, any one that wins the next three is going to win the championship. That's what makes this sport exciting. I wouldn't want to be number nine or 10, but I think Robert [Hight] and I are a little bit on the outside looking in, but a win in Reading puts us on the inside looking out. Anything can happen. You can have a 100 point swing in a race. Someone goes out in the first round and you go on to win the race and now you're in the driver's seat. We're very optimistic about our championship hopes. We need to do well in Reading. We can't have a bad Reading and expect to win the championship. We're going into this race with a very positive outlook on our championship dreams and we'll see if we can get this Motorcraft/Quick Lane Mustang in the winner's circle at Maple Grove."

WITH THE PRESSURE ON IN THIS COUNTDOWN, HOW DO YOU AS A DRIVER STAY FOCUSED? "As far as pressure goes, every race that we go to has its own pressures and so-forth. As far as staying focused I just try not to look too far ahead. You're focused on Q1, once you're done with that you're onto Q2. For me it's not to look ahead, it's not to look at points, it's not to try and predict anything. You want to go out and you want to put your team in a position to compete in that session. Come Sunday morning wherever the chips fall, they fall. You've got to go up and do what you've done for the last 20 races or so. As a driver, it's not to look too far ahead, stay focused on the short term and let the big picture play out."

THERE ARE ONLY THREE RACES LEFT IN THE 2010 SEASON. CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW FAST IT'S GONE BY? "It's hard to believe this season is almost over. It's amazing to see how fast this season has gone by. When I look back on our year, what a roller coaster ride we've been on from last off-season, to testing, converting our entire program over to the Ford platform literally mid-season, then pulling the pieces together and getting a big win at Englishtown. We've had a slew of semifinal and final round appearances with that big final round appearance in Gainesville, we've really had a tremendous year. Every season you go into it with only one goal and that is to win a championship. I've been focused ever since Motorcraft and Quick Lane gave me this opportunity to put our team in a position to win a championship and with three races left, we've done that. Now we've got to finish. We've got to finish as hard as we can and compete as fierce as we can these next three races to win this thing. Anything can happen. Coming out of Maple Grove the picture will be pretty clear who those front-runners are and hopefully we're one of those cars. At the end of the day, this is why we changed to the Ford platform. Rolling into a race like Reading where 4.0s will be given away, almost like they're falling out of the sky. Our car is more than capable of performing at a very high level this weekend at a race that we need to do well at."

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