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Jeg holds down the ...

Jeg holds down the #3 spot and will carry the JEG'S banner on raceday

The sun continued to shine on the Maple Groove Racepark facility today. The clear sky's set the stage for the final two qualifying sessions for the professional classes at the NHRA True Value Nationals.

The morning qualifying session yielded the best weather conditions for the Pro Stock class of the day. The air temp was 74 degrees, humidity 38%, corrected altitude was at 1261' feet above sea-level and the track temp was 97 degrees. The track had plenty of bite, which gave the crew chiefs the conditions that they desired to make strong runs.

Troy returned to the right lane in the third qualifying session, which is the preferred lane. The yellow and black #24 JEG'S Mail Order Olds Cutlass launched from the starting line and cruised right down the middle of the groove. The car looked much better on this run.

Troy improved his qualifying time but did not move him from the number thirteen slot. Coughlin noted, "The car responded very well to the setup. We will see these same conditions tomorrow and I feel that we have a pretty good handle on what the car and track want."

Jeg was also in the right lane for the third session. The #2 JEG'S Mail Order machine launched from the starting line and never left the middle of the groove on it's way to the finishline. Jeg ran an impressive 6.94 @ 199.95 mph for the session, which was not an improvement for him.

Coughlin fell one spot and landed in the number three position. "The car felt the best that it has all weekend in low gear. The transition from concrete to asphalt was very smooth. The guys did a great job and I think that our raceday setup will continue to be strong," commented Jeg.

Troy led the Pro Stock field into the fourth and final qualifying session of the weekend. The Coughlin brothers started the session on opposite sides of the ladder, which is where the team wants to be on raceday.

Being the first car down the track isn't the most desirable place to be, Troy was in the left lane. The car left the starting line and made some minor moves from left to right 150' feet out. The car settled and took off down the middle of the groove to the big end. Troy ran an impressive 6.96 given the conditions.

After a 25 minute delay from a two car accident past the finishline the qualifying continued. The conditions improved as time went on. Troy was bumped out by the Allen Johnson, who was in the second to last pair. Troy said, "We didn't make an aborted run all weekend in my car. Our team will prepare my car for the next race in Topeka and I will focus my energy on that race."

Jeg also ran the left lane in the final qualifying session. The yellow and black JEG'S Mail Order machine launched from the starting line and went "straight down broadway". Jeg ripped off an impressive 6.91 @ 199.68 mph, but didn't improve his qualifying position. However, the team showed that they are ready to go to battle on raceday and that they have one of the more consistent performing cars in Pro Stock this weekend.

Jeg will start raceday from the number three spot and will have lane choice over Ron Krisher in the first round. Jeg noted, "We have run consistently strong all weekend. The car responded well to all of the changes we made and it has been predictable. I am looking forward to a strong performance tomorrow."

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