Reading: Cruz Pedregon Saturday notes

Advance Auto Parts/ Solara Team Qualify ...

Advance Auto Parts/ Solara Team Qualify #1 in Reading!!!

After two days of racing, the Advance Auto Parts/ Solara team and Cruz Pedregon remain in the top qualifying position at Maple Grove Raceway this weekend. "I'm pleased we were able to get three out of four solid runs down the track." Said Cruz.

Their ET of 4.155 at 291.76mph during the first round of qualifying today was the quickest run of the session.Their second run of 4.183 at 288.15mph was also one of the fastest of the round.The two quick runs came in the heat of the day with a track temperature in the 116-118 degree range.

"As always, our approach stays the same, we'll just do our thing and let the chips fall where they may."Cruz stated about tomorrow's eliminations, "Now if we could just ease our way into the winner's circle that would just finish the weekend off." The team lines up next to the #16 qualifier Gary Densham in the first round of Sunday's eliminations.

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