Pomona: Daniels wins Pro Stock Truck

POMONA, Calif. (Feb. 4) - Eliminations are finished at the 41st Annual AutoZone WinterNationals in Pomona, Calif., and Randy Daniels, driver of the Bailey Trucking Chevrolet S-10 has taken the first Nationals event of the year. Daniels met Greg...

POMONA, Calif. (Feb. 4) - Eliminations are finished at the 41st Annual AutoZone WinterNationals in Pomona, Calif., and Randy Daniels, driver of the Bailey Trucking Chevrolet S-10 has taken the first Nationals event of the year.

Daniels met Greg Stanfield, driver of the DBP Enterprises Chevy S-10, in the final round. Daniels defeated John Lingenfelter, Todd Patterson, and Jeff Gracia in his march to the winner's circle. On his way to the final, Stanfield would defeat Mark Whisnant, Bob Panella, and Scott Perin.

As the tree came down, Stanfield took the advantage on the starting line with his .441 of a second light, to Daniels .458 light. At about half-track Stanfield got out of shape. That was the break Daniels needed to catch him on the top end, and win the race by a .008 of a second margin for victory. Daniels ran a 7.527 / 179.97 mph to Stanfield's 7.552 / 179.49 mph.

"This is an awesome way to start the season," said Daniels. "We DNQ'ed at this race last year, and that cost us the championship. Hopefully, we can keep this momentum going into the next race in Gainesville."

The following are quotes from today's WinterNationals Pro Stock Truck competitors

Final Round

Greg Stanfield, DBP Enterprises Chevrolet S-10

"Our goal coming here was to qualify both trucks. We did that, so going to the final was a bonus. We would have liked to get Bart qualified a little higher, but we are going to work on that. Both trucks ran well, and I drove pretty well, so I would call it a good weekend."


Scott Perin, Napa Development Chevrolet S-10

"Hey I'm happy. This is a great way to start the season. Obviously I would have like to have won, but we will take it. It is a good way to start the season, and I can't wait to get to Gainesville."

Jeff Gracia, Panella Trucking GMC Sonoma

"This is a good way to start the season. I would have liked to have gone to the final, but this will work. We need to try and keep the momentum going now. We will go back to the shop and try and find some more horsepower before we head to Gainesville. Hopefully we can go more rounds in Florida."

Round 2

Brian Self, Lump Cylinder Head Chevrolet S-10

"We did a top fuel style motor swap in-between round. Even with the motor change I fell like we ran pretty good. Of coarse I would have like to have gone to the final, but maybe we came make that trip in Gainesville"

Bob Panella, Jr., Panella Trucking / Ranger Boats Chevrolet S-10

"We broke a bunch of valve springs in the first round. That caused us to loose lane choice. That hurt us. Lane choice is everything at this track, and the heat also hurt us. Who would have thought it would be this warm in Pomona in February. We are going to go home and freshen our motors and head to Gainesville."

Mike Corvo, Motorhomes Unlimited GMC Sonoma

"Over all I feel like this was a good race for us. Our goal coming into this race was to qualify, win one round, and leave on my competitor in the second round. I did all that today, so I feel like this weekend was a success."

Todd Patterson, Dodge Motorsports Dodge Dakota

"I am happy with our showing this weekend. We qualified in the top half and went a round. Last year it took six races to get qualified, and until Indy to win a round. We have set a good pace for the year. Now we need to keep it going. This is a good way to start the year"

Round 1

Mike Coughlin, Jeg's Mail Order Chevrolet S-10

"That race was close! I didn't know who won until they told me on the top end. Sometimes you win that way and sometimes you loose. This time I was on the loosing end, but that's racing. The good news is that we found something on that run. That run was our best of the weekend.

Charlie Greco, Jerry Haas Racing Chevrolet S-10

"I just got beat, plain and simple. I was out on him a little, but I got loose at half-track. That put me in the marbles and I couldn't recover. Then Scott (Perin) went around me. That was all she wrote. We ran well here this weekend. We will leave here and go testing, and try and have some fun in Gainesville."

Don Smith, Texas Harley-Davidson Chevrolet S-10

"I am really disappointed, not so much for me, but for my guys. This team worked hard all winter and this weekend. We came here and ran better with each round. That was the best lap of the weekend. It is a shame that I didn't do my job better. Hopefully, our bad luck is out of the way."

Joe Pigford, Full Boar Motorsports Chevrolet S-10

"The driver didn't do his job today, but I'm no too disappointed. Right now I have Good people, good parts, and a good truck. I'm glad that I qualified here this weekend, and will be back in Gainesville to try it again."

John Lingenfelter, Summit Racing GMC Sonoma

"We had a bad weekend. We started out the weekend with a bad run and never improved. I am glad to qualify, but I would have liked to have been a little higher on the ladder. Randy (Daniels) is always a tough, especially for the first round. We'll get them in Gainesville."

Larry Kopp, Speedco Truck Lubes Chevrolet S-10

"I am glad we qualified here, but we are not here to qualify, we are here to win races. We went out early, but I'm not discouraged. Jeff Taylor has been doing a lot of research, and has this truck running well. We will do some testing and be back in Gainesville ready to race."

Bart Price, DBP Enterprises Chevrolet S-10

"I got to half-track and the truck got real loose. I almost couldn't hold on to it. After that it was all over, but I'm not disappointed. We got both trucks in the show, and Greg is going on to the next round. So I feel like the weekend was a success."

Mark Whisnant, PiranaZ Chevrolet S-10

"The truck wouldn't go into high gear. We broke the transmission. I would have liked to have gone farther, but I'm still happy about how the weekend turned out. We qualified well, and now we have our bad luck out of the way we will go to Gainesville and try it again."

The next race for the Pro Stock Trucks will be the 32nd Annual Mac Tools Gatornationals in Gainesville, Fla. March 15-18.

- Patti Miles

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