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POMONA, July 5, 2001 -Qualifying for the Pep Boys NHRA 50th Anniversary Nationals presented by American Racing Wheels got underway today at Pomona Raceway. Mike Edwards drove the Young Life Chevrolet Cavalier to the No. 2 spot in Pro Stock with...

POMONA, July 5, 2001 -Qualifying for the Pep Boys NHRA 50th Anniversary Nationals presented by American Racing Wheels got underway today at Pomona Raceway. Mike Edwards drove the Young Life Chevrolet Cavalier to the No. 2 spot in Pro Stock with an elapsed time of 6.960 seconds at 198.82 mph. George Marnell is No. 1 in a Grand Am with an elapsed time of 6.958 seconds at 197.48 mph. Warren Johnson is third, Ron Krisher is fourth in the Eagle One Chevrolet Cavalier and Jim Yates is fifth in a Grand Am. Kurt Johnson is sixth in the ACDelco Chevrolet Cavalier, Troy and Jeg Coughlin are eighth and 11th respectively, in the Jeg's Mail Order Chevrolet Cavaliers.

Tommy Johnson Jr. ran an elapsed time of 4.928 seconds at 299.26 mph to lead the Camaro campaign in Funny Car. That puts him sixth. Scotty Cannon leads all qualifiers in a Firebird with an elapsed time of 4.862 seconds at 318.39 mph. Gary Densham is second, Tony Pedregon is third, Dean Skuza is fourth and Whit Bazemore is fifth. Jim Epler drove the Rug Doctor Chevrolet Camaro to the 10th position and Chuck Etchells rounds out the 16-car field in the Sunoco Chevy Camaro. Ron Capps is 20th.

In Top Fuel, team Chevrolet driver Larry Dixon ran an elapsed time of 4.650 seconds at 296.89 mph to hold down the No. 4 spot. Kenny Bernstein leads the pack with an elapsed time of 4.633 seconds at 317.64 mph. Mike Dunn is second, Gary Scelzi is third, and Doug Kalitta is fourth.

The Pep Boys NHRA50th Anniversary Nationals is the 13th race on the 24-event NHRA Winston championship tour. Qualifying highlights of the 50th Anniversary Nationals can be seen on ESPN2 on Friday, July 6, beginning at 7:30 p.m. Eastern. Same-day coverage of final elimination's can be seen on ESPN on Saturday, July 7, starting at 10 p.m. Eastern.


Mike Edwards (Young Life Chevy Cavalier) - "We're happy with our Cavalier. The first run wasn't great for anyone. That was pretty much a given going into it. Plus the track just got paved so it's brand new. So, all in all we feel pretty good about where we're at in the show. We're going to try for that No. 1 spot tomorrow. We have a better understanding of the track and what we're up against now, and hopefully we can improve on that tomorrow. It's tough out there. Anybody can go out and make a good run when it counts. We're just hoping it's us that makes that run when it counts." No. 2 qualifier - 6.960ET/198.82MPH

Ron Krisher (Eagle One Chevy Cavalier) - "We've been improving these past couple of races. Rickie (Smith) is getting a handle on this car. He's doing a great job. The first run today was junk but the second run was more what we were looking for. We still think it's got more in it. We'll go after it tomorrow you can count on that. We'll be ready. The whole team is working real hard and it's showing. Tomorrow during the first session we'll try and go after the No. 1 position. This Cavalier is starting to shine and it's really encouraging to you as a driver and to the team. We'll be ready for whatever comes at us." No. 4 qualifier - 6.966ET/198.99MPH

Troy Coughlin (Jeg's Mail Order Chevrolet Cavalier) -"When we left the starting line it felt like the car just turned off and then quickly came back to life. The new track surface is very smooth from my seat and should translate into better times as the weekend goes on. "We made some wholesale changes in the fuel system area that really helped to pick us up in the second session. We will start the second day of qualifying in a much better position and expect to see the trend of improving continue." No. 8 qualifier - 6.987ET/197.57MPH

Jeg Coughlin (Jeg's Mail Order Chevrolet Cavalier)- "We just fell flat on our face when we left the line in that first session. Controlling these cars from the minute that the clutch is let out is the key to making good consistent runs. We will use all of the data in our trailer to get both of the Jeg's Chevy Cavaliers firmly into the field. We made a better run in the second session. There is plenty of room for improvement and now that we have some solid data it will help us even more to make the right changes to get the Jeg's Cavaliers back on top." No. 11 qualifier - 6.996ET/198.55MPH


Tommy Johnson Jr. (Skoal Racing Chevrolet Camaro) - "We're definitely happy with that second session. After the first session we needed that. We were just too aggressive in the first run. It was so humid and the track was basically brand new to us with its new surface. That should be no excuse but to say the least we weren't happy with that first run. The second run was much smoother and the air was much better. Our Skoal Racing Chevy Camaro ran really well and we couldn't be happier going into tomorrow. The track should be better and I expect that we will see better times too." No. 6 qualifier - 4.928ET/299.26MPH


Larry Dixon (Miller Lite Dragster) - "Dick Lahaie and the whole crew have really been working hard to get the right setup for this track. The first session wasn't very good but we were still able to put up a good number. In the second session we were a little conservative and stayed consistent but improved running a 4.65 from a 4.69. Those kinds of numbers are good under the conditions. This is not typical for California but really we face this kind of weather all over the country. I think the track conditions will improve for tomorrow and hopefully it will be less humid but whatever happens you can be sure that we'll be ready." No. 4 qualifier - 4.650ET/296.89MPH

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