Pomona 2: Jeg Coughlin wins Pro Stock

NHRA Pep Boys 50th Anniversary Nationals Pomona Raceway Pomona, CA Team Jeg's - Pro Stock Jeg & Troy Coughlin Raceday Summary (July 7th) Jeg Coughlin wins third race of the year in style A total of 23 drivers and their teams fought over four...

NHRA Pep Boys 50th Anniversary Nationals
Pomona Raceway
Pomona, CA

Team Jeg's - Pro Stock
Jeg & Troy Coughlin
Raceday Summary (July 7th)

Jeg Coughlin wins third race of the year in style

A total of 23 drivers and their teams fought over four qualifying sessions to be among the quick sixteen and have the opportunity to win this historic race. The qualified field was separated by .078 seconds from top to bottom. Jeg Coughlin qualified in the No. 11 position and older brother Troy landed in the No. 13 spot after the smoke cleared at the end of the final qualifying session Friday night.

In the opening round Jeg squared off against Darrell Alderman. Lane choice went to Alderman and he pulled his Dodge into the left lane. The two drivers have faced off eleven times and the win light has gone to Coughlin each time.

The advantage off of the starting line went to Jeg by .011 seconds (.475 to .486). Both cars looked like they were welded at the door handles as they battled for the win light. Jeg won on a hole shot by .0097 seconds at the stripe by running a slightly slower 7.039 at 198.44 mph.

"The wheel speed off of the starting line initially was on the aggressive side. We knew going into the first round with the track temperature at 140 degrees we were going to have to deal with excessive wheel speed. We made some pretty large changes in the fuel delivery system and went into the first round a little blind. We turned the win light on and advanced," said Jeg after his first round victory.

Troy faced off against Bruce Allen in round one. Bruce had lane choice and took the preferred left lane. The pairing put a Pontiac Grand Am and a Chevrolet Cavalier head-to-head to battle for the win light.

The Grand Am of Bruce Allen moved first from the starting line beams. The yellow and black Jeg's Mail Order Chevy Cavalier was gaining momentum but just ran out of track. Bruce Allen took the win light. Troy ran a 7.012 at 198.20 mph.

"The run that we made in the first round was a good one. It was a big improvement over some of our qualifying runs. The guys did a good job. We just left a little too much on the table and got bit," commented Troy.

In the second round Jeg went head-to-head against Jim Yates. Lane choice went to Yates and he took the left lane again. The lane choice did not appear to much of an advantage if any in this match up. Jeg grabbed the win light and was the man to beat from start to finish. His .032 second advantage (.473 to .505) off of the line was only the beginning of the inevitable outcome. He turned on the win light by .0437 seconds at the stripe and ran a 6.958 at 198.79 mph.

"Our group has really put their heads together more efficiently today and win lights are the dividends that it pays. We made a solid run from start to finish in the second round and the momentum seems to be back for the yellow and black," explained Jeg.

The semifinal round pitted Jeg Coughlin against Kurt Johnson. Jeg had lane choice in this classic Pro Stock family pairing and he rolled into the left lane. Once again Jeg was the man to beat from start to finish. The Jeg's machine launched first by .009 seconds (.441 to .450). The two Chevrolet Cavaliers were side-by-side with the advantage going to Coughlin. KJ started to make up a little ground at the 1000-foot clock. The win light came on for Coughlin by .0021 seconds at the big end and he won on a hole shot. He ran a 6.945 at 199.35 mph and was once again rewarded with lane choice.

"We made a solid run in the semifinals and were rewarded with lane choice for the final round. The first objective is to get lane choice in any match up. Anything can happen in front of you and it gives you options. We struggled a little on which lane to take in the semifinals and it proved to be the right call," said Jeg.

In the final round the match up was again two Chevrolet Cavaliers with Jeg Coughlin and Mike Edwards under the lights in front of the packed house at Pomona Raceway.

Jeg rocketed off of the line first (.435 to .477) and never looked back. He won by .0545 seconds at the stripe and ran an impressive 6.911 at 199.26 mph to put the icing on the cake.

The victory moved him into the No. 3 position in the NHRA Winston Championship. He has 819 points and trails the top spot by 98 points. The win marks the third

"Everything clicked today. The team worked together from start to finish. Racing under the lights in Pomona was an honor. I can't think of a better way to celebrate NHRA's 50th Anniversary then a packed house with fans ten deep at the fences. It was a great win for Team Jeg's and NHRA Winston Drag Racing put on the best race that I have ever been involved with. It is a win that I will always remember," explained Jeg.


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