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Brogdon qualifies career best ...

Brogdon qualifies career best #3 @ Phoenix

(Phoenix, AZ,) Early in the week the weathermen were forecasting a perfect weekend for the Phoenix area, but as everyone knows, weathermen aren't always on top of things.

After waiting out a wind/sand storm and rain delay earlier today, NHRA was finally able to give the racers a clean and dry racing surface and all the racers knew with the time lost to the weather that it was going to be the final session of qualifying and the fields would be set.

As Rodger Brogdon and the Attitude Apparel team prepped for the final session, the air was still cool and cloudy. In fact, as the crew rolled out to the staging lane, sprinkles began to fall again. After a brief session of raindrops, the sky finally started to clear and Pro Stock began their final session.

The scheduled 5th pair for the final session, Brogdon and crew watched as the pairs in front of them ran, with Kurt Johnson's 6.662 the best number to come up on the scoreboard. When Rodger dumped the clutch on the Attitude Apparel Pontiac GXP the car launched straight and true and lit up the scoreboard with a 6.632/208.04 lap, the quickest of the session so far and now it would be watch and wait to see what the rest of the field would run.

Two pairs behind Brogdon, Vinnie Deceglie got loose in the left lane and put their beautiful new Mountain View Dodge on its roof. Vinnie came out a little shaken up, but most importantly OK. After the clean-up the qualifying continued and the only car to out run the Attitude Apparel car today was the #1 qualifier Mike Edwards 6.625.

With qualifying completed, Brogdon had jumped from #14 to a career best #3 and earned lane choice for his first round match-up. Scheduled to race Vinnie Deceglie in round one, it must be noted that the Mountain View Tire team has pulled their back-up car out of the trailer and is prepping it for tomorrow's eliminations.

"I do believe we got almost everything there was to get on that run," said Brogdon "we might have left a little in the first 60 feet but I believe everything else was about as good as it could have been. That's our career best qualifying effort and I have to give the credit to Tommy Utt and the crew, Dr. Phil, Eckman, Weasel and Big Show are the guys that gave me the car I had today. My job is the fun part, I get to drive the hot rod that they give me. Tomorrow will be another day, but with what we've got to work with right now, I do believe we can mix it up with the rest of the pack here in Phoenix.

-source: brogdon racing

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