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HIGHT LOOKING TO CLOSE DEAL IN NORWALK NORWALK, OH (June 22, 2010) --- In May Robert Hight was untouchable winning all three NHRA national events. He opened June by reaching the final round of the United Association Rt. 66 NHRA Nationals before...


NORWALK, OH (June 22, 2010) --- In May Robert Hight was untouchable winning all three NHRA national events. He opened June by reaching the final round of the United Association Rt. 66 NHRA Nationals before having his fifteen round win streak ended by Matt Hagan in the Joliet final. Since that four race four final run Hight and crew chief Jimmy Prock have taken one step back in hopes of taking two steps forward for their second Full Throttle Funny Car championship.

"Jimmy Prock, (car chief) Eric Lane and I went back to our shop in Indy (after Chicago) and we took inventory of clutch parts and different things. We looked at what we had for the rest of the season. We realized what we have been running we can't continue to run the rest of the season. We made a decision to set all that stuff aside and save it for the Countdown. You don't know what the new clutches coming out or a new batch how they will react. We know how well we have been running the last four races," said Hight in Englishtown.

"We have enough of that inventory for all of the Countdown. We set that aside. We are going to put the new stuff in and figure it out. You never know and that is what I like about Jimmy Prock. He is always trying and always changing. He is constantly trying to get better. He is not sitting still."

Since Englishtown where Hight was the No. 1 qualifier his Auto Club team has been working to figure out the new clutch system. They have been making progress but not in leaps and bounds. In Englishtown Hight was defeated in the second round by veteran Del Worsham and Hight ran up against Worsham in the first round of the Thunder Valley Nationals again coming up short. With each new run Hight and his Auto Club team get a little closer to finding a tunable set-up and Hight knows this is part of the painful process that is NHRA Funny Car racing at this competitive level.

"You look at the teams you are racing against every week and there is not a weak team out there. From the top to the bottom you have to be ready to go in the first round. Anyone can beat anyone. Matt Hagan and Bob Tasca III have been dominant the past couple of weeks. I was dominant in May and John Force was dominant starting the seasons with three wins and then he just won Bristol. You also mix in drivers like (teammate) Ashley Force Hood, Jack Beckman, Del Worsham, Tim Wilkerson and Ron Capps and that is just about a full field of cars. I didn't even mention the Pedregon brothers who have two of the last three Funny Car championships between them. Funny Car has never been more exciting or competitive and I am just glad I get to race this Auto Club Mustang against these guys," said Hight.

Entering the thirteenth race of the Full Throttle season John Force Racing has been dominating in qualifying and that has been great for the fans in the stands as well as fans that enter the "Win the Force" BrandSource contest either at the track or online. When a John Force Racing Funny Car or Top Alcohol Dragster is No. 1 qualifier BrandSource gives away a Whirlpool washer & dryer set. That is ten sets of washers & dryers so far in 2010. In addition to the No. 1 qualifier awards when a JFR driver wins BrandSource and Mitsubishi give a lucky fan a 52" TV. So far seven fans have come to the races and left with a smile and a flat screen.

The fans also get the chance to meet their favorite John Force Racing driver at the end of the day. The odds are in the fans' favor headed into Norwalk considering a JFR driver has been the No. 1 qualifier all three years the NHRA has contested a national event at Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park.

"I have been No. 1 qualifier a couple of times and we love racing at Norwalk. We have a great history here going back to Night Under Fire. John has made a lot of laps on this track and the fans are always awesome. The Baders are great promoters so this will be a great weekend. I'd like to be the first JFR driver to win an NHRA national event at Norwalk and I came close in 2008. It will be tough to do that when you are battle racers like John (Force) and Ashley (Force Hood) as well as the rest of the field," said Hight.

"I have never lost confidence in Jimmy. We struggled last year and got it turned around. I think we can do that again. We are learning things every round. The key is to get the best from every run. That is where I think I have an advantage with my guys. They do it right every time. I love working with them and driving this Auto Club Mustang. They give me a great race car and my job is to do my best on the track. We'll try and do that this weekend in Norwalk," said Hight.

"We have a number of Ford executives coming out to the track this weekend as well as executives from Mac Tools. We always want to perform but you really want to put on a good show for those folks. They have been so good to us and we really appreciate all their support."

-source: jfr

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