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Greg Anderson Drives to Third K&N Horsepower Challenge Win, Looks to Double Up on Sunday Summit Racing driver Greg Anderson scored an important victory on Saturday, winning the K&N Horsepower Challenge at Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports...

Greg Anderson Drives to Third K&N Horsepower Challenge Win,
Looks to Double Up on Sunday

Summit Racing driver Greg Anderson scored an important victory on Saturday, winning the K&N Horsepower Challenge at Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. It was Anderson's third win in Pro Stock's annual bonus race, earning the Mooresville, NC resident a $50,000 payday. Ironically, it was the sight of the unique winner's trophy that provided him with the motivation.

"I saw the trophy on the stage this morning and thought it was the coolest thing," said Anderson. "Then I saw the ring and the pendant that went with it, and knew right away that I had to find a way to take them home. I still don't know how we did it, but somehow we did.

"Our Summit Racing Pontiac was decent, as was my driving, and somehow the timing worked out in all three rounds that it was good enough to win. My guys kept telling me we were going to win, and cheered me on as we went up for the final, and the boost in confidence my team gave me combined with that intangible of wanting to take that K&N trophy home played a big role in our winning today."

Starting from the second position, Anderson quickly showed his intentions, using a nearly three-hundredths of a second starting-line edge and a solid 6.683-second, 206.13 mph pass to eliminate Rodger Brogdon on a hole shot in the opening round, with the Texan posting a quicker 6.667-second time in defeat. After outrunning Allen Johnson in the second round to advance to the final round for the third consecutive year, Anderson then squared off against rival and No. 1 qualifier Mike Edwards in the final.

Knowing he would need every advantage to score the win, Anderson left the line fifteen thousandths a second ahead of his opponent. He then powered through the quarter-mile in 6.685-seconds at a speed of 206.23 mph to hold off a hard-charging Edwards, whose 6.677-second effort came up seven thousandths of a second shy, starting the celebration in the Summit Racing camp.

"Neither one of us had a particularly great light, but I was fortunate enough to have a better one that allowed me to win," said Anderson. "My hat's off to Mike. He's still the man right now, and I appreciate everything he has done for our class, but this win meant a lot to this entire Summit Racing team. Our race car performed very well today, giving us a chance to win, and we did. It was just a great day all around."

Anderson's win also made a winner out of Stephanie Dunn of Dover, Ohio, who won a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle as part of the K&N-sponsored contest held in association with the event. Ms. Dunn was one of eight finalists in attendance on Saturday, and was paired up with Anderson earlier in the day, with his performance earning her the new ride.

"Winning that Harley for Stephanie was really cool," said Anderson. "I had a chance to talk with her a little today, and I know she's had to overcome a couple of hurdles in the last few months. I feel so much better being able to win that motorcycle for her, maybe even more than for winning this trophy. It was just a neat, neat deal, and shows you how great a program this K&N Horsepower Challenge is, including eight fans and giving them a chance to win a new Harley. Stephanie is a great girl and I think she's going to enjoy the heck out of that motorcycle."

Anderson was also quick to give credit those who made the event and his participation possible.

"You look at everything that Steve Williams and the people at K&N put into this Horsepower Challenge, and you realize how lucky we are to have them promoting our class," said Anderson. "It's the only specialty event we currently have in the Full Throttle Drag Racing Series and I'm proud to be a part of it.

"I'm also happy to get this win at Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park. All year long, I was looking for that breakthrough performance, that win that would hopefully get us back on track, and I couldn't have picked a better place to do it. After all, it's part of a Summit race at Summit's track, and we were fortunate to pull this one out for them today."

Finally, Anderson's 6.627-second time from Friday earned him the ninth starting position for Sunday's final eliminations. Should he be able to score his second national event win at the Norwalk speedplant, he will earn a "Sweep Bonus" of $25,000, an accomplishment he believes is well within his team's reach.

"Today's win also gives me confidence going into tomorrow," said Anderson. "Now I believe I can win tomorrow as well, so this Summit Racing team is going to come out and find a way to get our first national event win of the season so we can get that double-up bonus. I think our season is going to change right now, and my hat's off to the folks at K&N and Summit Racing Equipment for making it all possible."

-source: kb racing

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