Norwalk: Greg Anderson final report

Anderson out early under seven second rule NORWALK, Ohio (July 1, 2007) -- Greg Anderson got timed out in the opening round of eliminations at the inaugural Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals. The understanding of KB Racing prior to...

Anderson out early under seven second rule

NORWALK, Ohio (July 1, 2007) -- Greg Anderson got timed out in the opening round of eliminations at the inaugural Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals.

The understanding of KB Racing prior to the incident is that the rule is: once both drivers pre-stage (turn on the top yellow bulbs) and once one driver has turned on his/her stage light (the second set of yellow bulbs) the other driver has seven seconds to turn on the stage light in his/her lane. Secondly, if an opponent turns both the pre-stage and stage lights on simultaneously and the other driver has not pre-staged then the seven second timer is turned off as soon as the other driver turns on his pre-stage.

In Anderson's opening round match up against Erica Enders, Enders turned both the pre-stage and the stage lights together. Anderson meanwhile, after going through his starting routine, had turned on the pre-stage bulb but didn't get in the stage light beam in the required seven seconds in the opinion of starter Rick Stewart, an instant disqualification.

NHRA's explanation, according to Anderson, basically said that each light (pre-stage and stage) constitute two lights, once three (two pre-stage and one stage) of them are on regardless of sequence then the seven-second timer is activated.

"I don't understand what they're telling me rule is and I don't believe that any driver out here believes that is the way they're telling me the rule is," said Anderson, after the first round. "They (NHRA) just gave it to me in black and white, but I never got that rule before but there is no driver out here that thinks that's the way the rule is. Far as I understand and every other driver out here understands, when one guy lights his pre-stage light and the other guy lights his pre-stage, when the third one (the first stage light) comes on then you have a seven-second timer. When one guy light both lights (pre-stage and stage) first and the other guy just lights his pre-stage, being the third bulb, that's not suppose to start the timer. The timer is supposed to be turned off. I think that every other racer out here thinks it's that way. Otherwise there would be no courtesy on the tree."

Greg Anderson and his Summit Racing Equipment Pro Stock Pontiac GTO recorded no time, while Enders cover the Summit Racing Equipment Motorsports Park quarter-mile in 6.732 seconds and advanced to the second round.

"KB Racing is disappointed in our showing this weekend," added Anderson. "Our sponsor Summit Racing Equipment and the Bader Family have done an excellent job in preparing this facility and we're wish that it was us in the winner's circle celebrating with them the first of many future events at this race track."

Even with today's turn of events, after 11 events, unofficially Anderson, the three-time NHRA POWERade champion (2003-2005), continues to lead the NHRA POWERade Pro Stock standings, which also puts him in the lead for the first segment -- Countdown to Eight -- of the Countdown to the Championship. (For a brief description of the Countdown to the Championship, see below.)

SPECIAL NOTE: Pontiac-GMC announced today that it will return in 2008 as Official Car and Official Truck of the NHRA. It will mark the 13th consecutive season that Pontiac has served as the Official Car of the series and the 19th year for GMC as Official Truck.

"The NHRA POWERade Drag Racing Series continues to be an outstanding forum to showcase the quality and performance of the automobile designed for action," said Jim Bunnell, divisional general manager, Buick-Pontiac-GMC. "Pontiac is proud to return as the Official Car of the NHRA, and we look forward to continuing our growing relationship with the nation's premier drag racing series and its fans for years to come.

"GMC's 19 year affiliation with NHRA is its longest-running promotional platform ever. For a celebrated brand known for Professional Grade trucks, and its association with the legendary Safety Safari, GMC is a perfect fit as the Official Truck of the National Hot Rod Association."

NEXT RACE: It's on to the third race of six in a row as the POWERade Drag Racing Series now moves to Bristol, Tenn., for the race that was postponed in May. The NHRA O'Reilly Thunder Valley Nationals unfolds July 6-8 at Bristol Dragway.

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